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January 23, 2022

Investigations at Romanian Cycling Federation in case of malfeasance of office and tax evasion

The police made investigations at the offices of the Romanian Cycling Federation in a case of malfeasance of office, intellectual forgery and tax evasion, in which FRC president and secretary are suspected, along with the managers of some companies, said sources from the Police, quoted by Mediafax.
According to the sources, policemen of the Directorate for the Investigation of Frauds suspect that the president and the secretary of FRC allegedly committed malfeasance of office, embezzlement, forged signature. More precisely, the leaders of the Romanian Cycling Federation allegedly used the funds allocated for the Romanian cyclists who were supposed to go the world championship in the US, to buy consumables for overrated prices, said the quoted sources. Basically, although no Romanian sportsman went to the US competition, the FRC president and secretary allegedly spent more than EUR 100,000 using to buy for higher prices than normal things like toilet paper, detergents, etc. These goods were sold by 27 shops which did not register the transactions in the accounting as the managers are investigated for tax evasion, said the quoted sources.
According to the Romanian Police, the investigation revealed that the representatives of the sports institution registered in their accounting a lot of invoices from “ghost” companies to buy goods or services.
President of the Romanian Cycling Federation Eduard Carol Novak said yesterday that the searches that are taking place at the headquarters target the former president, Ion Badea, and former general secretary Vasile Selejean. “There are searches conducted at the federation headquarters. We have notified the police regarding the irregularities that were made, with fake invoices, failure to pay debts and hundreds of thousands of euros missing from the federation’s accounts. The old leaders are being investigated,” said Novak.

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