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July 27, 2021

“The love of the fans for Trooper is huge. I feel we are blessed”

Interview with Alin Dinca, Trooper’s vocalist.

How would you describe Trooper’s evolution since their creation? You were talking about the fact that Trooper never forgets its roots.

I haven’t followed in my life the steps I did with Trooper. This band is our life and it has a natural course. We did what we felt. When we started to sing we were a bunch of friends who dreamt of getting up there on the stage along Iris and Iron Maiden. We did what we knew to reach the goal. I don’t know how, but we did it. We have found out that thousands of people resonate with our message, with our music, with our state on the stage… from concert to concert we noticed more and more people interested in Trooper. We noticed the joy in their eyes and things have been clear ever since. If there is a secret in this industry… the secret is to respect your fans and friends. Of course there have been people who despise us. But this is natural. You can’t be loved by everyone. Fortunately we are not interested in that part of listeners. If we are happy on the stage that means our purpose was reached. The confirmation came in time, brick by brick. The latest milestone was “Romanian Rock Stars.” Fifteen years ago we would not have dreamt that we will go up on stage and sing along Minculescu, Ciuci, Dan Iliescu, Tandarica… now they are friends of ours. There are also some foreign bands that chose us to open their shows: Iron Maiden, Scorpions, Nazareth… there are memories that will remain as long as we are here.

From what you can see, you can feel about the public that comes to your concerts, how do you feel in the skin of a band like yours?
We have never dreamt we would reach so far on the Romanian musical industry by singing rock music. It is a wonder. I feel we are blessed. We have got so many friends in all country’s cities. I don’t know how they heard about us, where from… we are not broadcast by TV or radio. The amazement is permanent, but what they give us we can never return. The love of the fans for Trooper is huge. There would be no Trooper without them. I have always told them, “You are Trooper!” We have the most friendly/close/devoted public a band has in this country.

Who is Alin Dinca? What does the man Alin Dinca want the most?
I am a boy who fought to follow his dream. I know it sounds clichéd, but this is the truth. I have started to want a band since I was eleven. I have worked hard for this. I have made huge sacrifices… I lost friends, I wasted years, I suffered terribly… but I succeeded in the end. Trooper has been there since 1995. People think it is easy to sing. I tell them they’re wrong. Lots think that you go up on stage and people love you. There are hundreds of hours of work, thoughts, frustrations, joys… what people see on stage is ten percent of what means the work of a band. I have always wanted to express myself the way I feel, without hiding, without playing theatrics, even if this managed to attract antipathy from others. Therefore if you listen to Trooper and if you read my books, you are going to find exactly how I am. I have never lied about what I gave to people. I am singing, I have a daily show at Rock FM, I am writing on a new book… I am pretty busy at the moment. I can tell you what the man Alin Dinca does not want, and that is to disappoint other people.
Are there surprises prepared by Trooper for July and August? Other news?
This is pretty complicated and I hope to give an answer by saying that we are working about four or five projects in the same time. I do not know which of them we will launch this year. We are still undecided about it and that is why we do them in parallel. I know that it is pure madness, but I told you we make decisions depending on what we feel, and now we feel we want a little of each idea. We will see what is going to happen. Anyway, there will be surprises.

A tragedy was on the verge of happening not long ago. What happened?
I learnt that it is not enough to sing on the stage. During the concert in Galati, right before the first song, I thought I would go up on the scaffolding on the stage. It was not for the first time. I started to climb fast to reach the top the moment the singing part was about to begin. Unfortunately, when I reached the suspended speakers, my microphone reacted with the speakers and hence the madness. I could not go up anymore because everything was squeaking too hard. I had to go down at least a meter and a half in a second… I tried to cover the mike with a hand and the madness started here. Going down with one hand, slightly impossible, then I lost my balance pretty bad. I recovered and I remained stuck in a single hand for almost two minutes… it wasn’t easy. I even panicked but people did not realize and the moment was a success in the end. It might not end up like this.

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