Hanbok fashion show on July 25 prior to Lunafly concert

The fabulous series of events planned for the K-Pop fans on July 24 and 25 in Bucharest gets larger with every passing day. Thus, along tomorrow night’s party and the Battle Dance on July 24, Lunafly fans and the lovers of Korean culture have something in store for them. It is about a Hanbok fashion show (the Hanbok is the traditional Korean dress).
The event organized by Kompas Events and staged by Sarang Hanguk organization, will highlight the beauty, refinement and femininity provided by Hanboks to the people wearing them. Currently, the fashion show is under preparations, as the traditional dresses presented by models on the catwalk are already being worked upon, under the careful guidance of the Sarang Hanguk organization. The materials of Asian weaving had already been ordered as a designer creates the models observing the requirements of traditional attire and then each item will be harmonized in detail with the personality and appearance of the person to wear it, so that the spectators should have a perfect visual journey into the mysterious and amazing Korean dress culture. The peak of the presentation will be when two patrimony costumes will be presented on stage that were part of the royal attire of South Korea. They will arrive on the stage thanks to the good-will of the Embassy of South Korea in Bucharest and their inclusion in the show is the unique opportunity to admire them, offered to those passionate by this country’s culture and civilization. In the end, one of the spectators will win one of the beautiful costumes presented on stage, by draw. The fashion show will take place on July 25 at the Students’ Culture House, same as Lunafly concert.

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