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May 25, 2020

Ponta: Dragnea will be kicked out of PSD if he wants to take-over the Prime Minister position before the presidential elections

“Liviu Dragnea will be kicked out of PSD if he wants to take-over the Prime Minister position before the presidential elections,” PSD leader PM Victor Ponta stated, adding that it will not be the case because Dragnea is a smart politician who knows the importance of unity.
“No one will be selling the bear’s skin before catching the bear. If someone says they want to be the chairman of PSD or Prime Minister before November 16, we’ll kick him out, pure and simple. It means they are not with us,” Ponta said, as cited by Mediafax. He announced he will only recommend a candidate for the PM position after the first round of presidential elections and upon discussions with the entire governing coalition. Only under these conditions and if the candidate’s chance of winning is high will he offer his support, Ponta said further, while noting that he will back any candidate for chairmanship of PSD.
Also yesterday, Ponta stated for DC News that he will most likely officially announce his candidacy for this year’s presidential elections on August 1. The Prime Minister has stated that if the Social Liberal Union (USL) had still existed, he would have never run against Crin Antonescu in the presidential elections and mentioned that he views the former National Liberal Party (PNL) chairman as the one potential presidential competitor from PNL and the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL).
“Crin Antonescu knows full well – because in the last three years I’ve seen him more often than I saw my own family – that I would’ve never run against him. If USL had still existed, I wouldn’t run, but if USL returns and we rebuild what we said we’d do, then yes, I’ll withdraw. If the situation is as is now, I will surely run against him,” said Ponta. He added that the only candidate that could reach the second round of the presidential elections and who is a worthy competitor is Crin Antonescu.

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