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January 23, 2022

President Basescu scathes the operators of his 2012 suspension

PDL – “accomplices to a dirty compromise.” “PNL should make a public apology for the suspension two years ago.” PDL and PNL rule out any chance of collaboration with PMP.

Once again, President Basescu has launched a verbal attack on both the current governance and PDL for its intention of merging with PNL. In a debate organized by the People’s Movement Foundation and marking two years since the head of state’s suspension, Basescu criticized PDL for wanting to merge with the Liberals, whom he characterized as “accomplices to a dirty compromise” with the authors of the 2012 coup d’état. On the other hand, he congratulated the People’s Movement Party for its results in the EP elections, stressing that the party’s objective is 2016 and reassuring PMP representatives of the country’s need for a new party.
The President argued PNL backed him in 2012, but there were also “opportunists,” people who took advantage of the circumstances to pose as defenders of the rule of law and who are now “accomplices to a dirty compromise.” “They are the same people who have now unashamedly compromised with the very same authors of the coup d’état,” Basescu asserted with the caveat that he, too, was one of those politicians, and yet his compromises were “not as dirty and unconditioned.”
In the President’s opinion, the unification of the right is necessary to win the presidential elections, but PNL should make a public apology for his suspension back in 2012. Moreover, he condemned PMP’s defeat at the hands of “the wrecks of the two parties, PNL and PDL.”
“Please consider yourselves a freshly launched small boat with the potential for change. You are a young party and shouldn’t be upset that they tried to discredit you – as I had anticipated – because you lacked the necessary regional structures,” Basescu told the leaders of PMP.

“I’m not saying PNL should not be included in the right-wing party category, particularly given its application for membership in the EPP, but last week proved that their instinct is to make buddies with PSD and agree to its principles – not to give the benefit of the doubt, not to uphold the rule of law, and to commit a Parliamentary abuse and broadcast it to every embassy,” the President went on, adding, however, that “this doesn’t mean PMP will not support the right-wing candidate to make the run-off, regardless of his identity.”
Referring to the “fumbling democratic forces,” Traian Basescu expressed his conviction that “the majorities will get a wake-up call,” remarking that “what we see today in the governing ranks enforces the continuous temptation of going against the rule of law and democracy.” In Basescu’s view, the state has a long way to go until it achieves “the rule of law” because the emergency ordinance procedures are being abused and the Parliament refuses to uphold certain laws. In this context, the President found fault in the fact that 11 MPs could not be charged or remanded in custody and benefited from the Parliament’s refusal to implement court decisions. The criticism of a “Criminal Parliament” is starting to sound justified, he said further.
Ombudsman, under fire
President Traian Basescu further accused Ombudsman Victor Ciorbea of ‘servility’. ‘We cannot say that the supremacy of the Constitution is fulfilled as long as the governments abuse with the emergency ordinances, as long as they have an Ombudsman, the only one who could challenge the Government Emergency Ordinances (OUG), yet he is politically subdued or one could buy him with last-ditch facilities, as it happened in the last Government meeting. Mr. Ciorbea is the happiest Ombudsman since the Revolution (1989- editor’s note). His budget has been inflated, he has been created facilities to build as much as it needs and you’ll see that the great trade union man Ciorbea will be an obedient Ombudsman’, Basescu said, adding that Ombudsman should challenge to the CCR the OUG regarding the modification of the Education Law. The President denounced that Government turned Education into ‘a kiosk where some could purchase diplomas’.
PMP proposes ‘pact for the rule of law’
Following Traian Basescu’s speech, PMP chairwoman Elena Udrea announced the party’s proposal for a “pact for the rule of law” and invited all advocates of the independence of the justice system and the rule of law to make additional suggestions. Udrea also mentioned that the President wrote her a note saying the pact must be brought for debate.
The People’s Movement Foundation president Cristian Diaconescu, candidate for the president of Romania in this November’s poll, said that Romania does not deserve to bear the consequences of “irresponsible moves of some politicians too much in a hurry to mutilate a democracy,” referring to 2012 referendum to suspend Basescu. “It was a time when part of the political class attempted an illegitimate aggression against the rule of law state, in a democratic and European country and an insult to the Romanian nation’s efforts and objectives,” Diaconescu said.
Blaga and Antonescu strike back
When asked to comment on Traian Basescu’s attack against PDL, Liberal Democrat Vasile Blaga said that Traian Basescu is the one who signed a cohabitation pact with Victor Ponta, not PDL, and emphasized his party’s previous and future efforts to defend the rule of law. According to Blaga, PDL would have been the main right-wing political force if the head of state had not torn it apart. In turn, Udrea accused PDL and PNL of refusing to set up the respective commission.
In response to the President’s denouncement, former PNL chairman Crin Antonescu stated there was no coup d’état during the referendum on the President’s demotion in the summer of 2012 and PNL has nothing to apologize for. It was “the will of the people expressed democratically by referendum, in a cutting manner that leaves no room for interpretation or twists of result,” Antonescu said, as cited by Hotnews.

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