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February 1, 2023

3,000 participants in PMP rally in Bucharest, Udrea says

Ponta: It was hard to accept the referendum two years ago was ignored.

Chairperson of the People’s Movement Party (PMP, in opposition), Elena Udrea, on Sunday participated, alongside 3,000 other persons, in a rally organised by the PMP in support of the state of rule state in Romania and to mark two years since President’s Basescu suspension.
‘We are glad to see that more than 3,000 persons came to participate in this rally and I believe that this represents a signal that they are many like us out there who do not want to forget about or repeat the experience of the past (talking about the suspension of the President two years ago – editor’s note) […]

I also expected the PDL to remember what happened two years ago, she continued, and she added that, had a similar action been organised by those who used to be on the right side of the barricade, had they been the ones to organise the rally, we would have definitely participated,’ said Udrea.
However, PMP MEP Cristian Preda, also attending the Sunday rally, said his party has to be grateful also to those leaders, who stood beside President Basescu in 2012, such as Vasile Blaga, Monica Macovei and Mihai Razvan Ungureanu.
The participants in the rally had signs saying ‘July 6, 2012 – A Dark Day for Romanian Democracy’, ‘Together with President Basescu’, ‘July 6, 2012 – Attack against the rule of law state’. Moreover, they chanted ‘Ponta, Leave!’, ‘Ponta don’t forget, we defend the Justice’ or ‘Lying Government, Leave!’
On the other hand, Prime Minister Victor Ponta on Sunday wrote on his wall on the social networking site Facebook that it was very hard for him two years ago, when President Basescu was suspended by the Parliament, to accept that the vote given by the Romanians in the 2012 referendum was ignored. ‘June 6, 2012, represented one of those moments when we demonstrated, together with Crin Antonescu (leader of the National Liberal Party – PNL) and Daniel Constantin (leader of the Conservative Party – PC), the fact that the USL (Social Liberal Union, alliance between the Social-Democratic Party, PNL and PC, now broken) was one of the strongest political projects in the democratic history of our country. I regret that Crin Antonescu didn’t want to continue this project!’ said Ponta. He said that he respected the decision of the Constitutional Court two years ago, even if it was very hard for him to do so. In a P.S., the prime Minister also noted that ‘there are only 23 weeks left until Traian Basescu leaves Cotroceni.’
While in Constanta on Saturday, Elena Udrea also referred to ex-PNL President Crin Antonescu, saying PMP is willing to support Antonescu if he makes to the presidential runoffs, provided the Liberal goes back on what happened in 2012 and Victor Ponta.

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