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February 3, 2023

Basescu asks Ombudsman to respect Constitution in what concerns Education Law

“There are no changes that would throw the education system in confusion, only absolutely necessary corrections,” Education Minister Remus Pricopie stated.

President Traian Basescu on Friday sent a letter to Ombudsman Victor Ciorbea, notifying him that the emergency government ordinance that modified the Education Law is breaking the Constitutional regime that concerns the issuance of emergency ordinances, stating that the Ombudsman has to ensure that the Constitution is respected, Medifax informs. The President points out that emergency government ordinance number 49, issued on June 26, adopts a series of legislative modifications that have a significantly negative impact on secondary and tertiary education. In his turn, Matei Virtosu, the spokesperson of the Ombudsman, stated that the Ombudsman has received and will analyze the letter that President Traian Basescu sent on Friday.
At the same time, Education Minister Remus Pricopie stated that the emergency ordinance that modifies the Education Law is the result of long talks and negotiations, and the document contains absolutely necessary corrections, not changes liable to throw the system into confusion. “When we talk about education it would be good to have a balanced and responsible approach,” Minister Remus Pricopie pointed out. According to the minister, the Education Law adopted in 2011 included a series of erroneous or inapplicable measures such as the offering of tenures for teachers at national level based on an examination conducted at school level – a measure contested by the system from the start – or the operating rules of schools’ administrative boards, rules that did not take into account the situation on the ground, the result being that in many schools the boards have been unable to meet for the past three years.
Pricopie also states that the issuance of the emergency ordinance was announced several weeks ago and appeared as a necessity in order for school year 2014-2015 to start in good conditions.
Education novelties: possibility of organizing third Baccalaureate session
The teaching quota lowered by 2 hours per week, with the salary remaining unchanged, for teachers with over 25 years experience, low attendance Ph.D. and the possibility of signing up for university programs beyond the established quota are some of the novelties that will come into force this autumn. These novelties were introduced by the National Education Ministry as changes and additions to the Education Law, and were adopted by the government through emergency ordinance on June 26, and subsequently published in the Official Gazette. A part of the changes brought to the Education Law concern high school graduates that failed their Baccalaureate exam. Thus, the possibility of organizing a third session of the Baccalaureate exam has been introduced, the session being for those who failed in previous years. Another novelty concerns the possibility of extending professional education over the three-year limit if the economic agent that organizes the program considers the measure is necessary.

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