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June 22, 2021

Ponta tells CNN he does not exclude running for Presidency

Romania wants to show that its NATO and EU integration was a success, and this can be an example for the Ukrainian, Moldovan and Georgian peoples, who need to be supported, said Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta in a televised intervention on TV channel CNN International.
Referring to a possible candidacy of his to the Presidency of Romania, Victor Ponta said that he does not exclude this option, but it is important for Romania to maintain its positive trend, because the first years after Romania’s accession to the European Union were very hard.
‘At this time, after many, many difficult years and many sacrifices, it seems that Romania is no longer a problem for the European Union. It’s rather a high-trust country and a country in rapid development on the eastern border of the European Union,’ said the Romanian head of government.
Inquired what happens with the reforms in Romania, considering that the Romanian politics are a “bloody sport” with feuds among parties and scandals surrounding the president himself, which affect economy as well, and what are the authorities doing to raise to the expectations of Romanians and of Europe, Ponta admitted that the local politics can be depicted as such, but it is not its singular feature. “You are right, politics are a bloody sport in Romania, but not only in our country. What matters is that over the past two years since I took over as prime minister, I have provided stability and predictability for the business environment, and the response was better than expected,” said Ponta.
Referring to the economic situation of Romania, Ponta mentioned that the most recent statistical data that show economic growth equalling 4 percent of the GDP and an unemployment rate of 6.7 percent give hope not only for Romania, but for almost all the new members of the European Union in the eastern part of Europe. ‘We are better prepared now for all challenges, especially those in the energy sector, that come from a current bad relationship of the European Union with Russia’, Ponta added.
UNPR, PC express support
The national council of the Conservative Party adopted on Friday a resolution to support Victor Ponta for the presidential elections in case he runs for this position, the document saying that in case the PSD leader does not run for president, the appointment of the candidate supported by PC will take place in September.
In his turn, Deputy Prime Minister Gabriel Oprea, chairman of the National Union for the Progress of Romania (UNPR), has announced that UNPR already gathered 500,000 signatures in support for PM Ponta’s candidacy to the presidential elections. ‘Our strategic objective is to raise one million signatures nationwide to support Victor Ponta as presidential candidate (…),’ the UNPR leader told Agerpres.

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