Antonescu explains return to presidential race

Former PNL President Crin Antonescu explained on Digi24 TV why he decided to return to the presidential race. Crin Antonescu stated that both his retirement from and his return to the presidential race had nothing to do with the negotiations carried out with PDL in what concerns the unification of the right wing. “Neither my retirement announcement nor my return have anything to do with PDL. It wasn’t any other suggestion, any other element outside of PNL,” Antonescu stated. “I had the impression that opinions differ within PNL. I noticed that Mr. Klaus Johannis no longer rejects… because he too had said that he does not consider running for president. Seeing that he now considers it, I took this step, let’s see whether a formula will rapidly crystallize within PNL next,” the former PNL President added.
He also pointed out another reason for his decision to return to the presidential race: “the very strong conviction of some folks in PNL that I am the best suited candidate for the Romanian Presidency.” Antonescu offered another explanation for his decision. “There was another element too. Namely voices that, having not received a satisfying explanation for my retirement, started to talk about agreements I allegedly had with somebody, about blackmail, about things I cannot permit to stand concerning my image. So then I returned and said I reckoned there is, maybe, backing. Since opinions continue to differ, nothing holds me back. I have never been and I am not being blackmailed. I am here, I have no reservation to fight and, after all, a decision has to be taken by the party,” Crin Antonescu said.

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