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March 29, 2023

Experts from Romania and Germany conduct reconnaissance flights in Russian air space, press says

Experts from Romania and Germany conduct, during July 7-11 reconnaissance flights over Russia, as part of the international treaty ‘Open Sky,’ the director of the National Center for nuclear threat reduction, Sergey Ryzhkov, announced in Moscow, quoted by Ria Novosti online.
“From 7 to 11 July, a joint inspection mission from Germany and Romania will fly over Russia aboard a Romanian AN-30 plane as part of the international treaty Open Sky,” Ryzhkov announced Sunday.
Russian experts too will participate in the inspection mission, to make sure that the flight parameters are observed. The AN-30 aircraft does not carry weapons. The photo devices and equipment installed on board were certified at international level with Russia’s participation. Signed on 24 March 1992 at Helsinki, the Open Sky Treaty is in effect since January 1, 2002. It aims at increasing the transparency and confidence between signatory states in the field of military activities and arms control.
The Treaty was signed by 34 states, members of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). Russia adhered to this treaty on 26 May 2001.

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