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April 23, 2021

Road to Sarmizegetusa Regia Dacian bastion to be upgraded on EU funds

The county road linking the village of Costesti in the central western county of Hunedoara to the Sarmizegetusa Regia Dacian bastion will be upgraded under a 7.4-million euro project to be carried through by December 31, 2015.  ‘The project has to be finalised by December 31, 2015. We want so much to finalise the road that we will surely carry the project through. When we receive the approval for funding, the tender documents will be made available immediately on SEAP. We hope there will be no challenges, so that the winning constructor will offer us by December 31, 2015, an upgraded road that lives up to the standards we want,’ Public Administrator of Hunedoara County Council Dan Stoian told Agerpres on Monday. The county road to be upgraded is 18 lm long and it is the main access way to the former capital of the ancient state of Dacia, Sarmizegetusa Regia in Mt. Orastiei. A UNESCO monument, the bastion is visited by thousands of tourists each year.

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