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February 8, 2023

UK Tories urge capping immigration from poor EU states, including Romania

Senior Conservatives have drawn up plans to cap immigration from poorer countries as part of the renegotiation of Britain’s relationship with the EU, Daily Mail informs.
Limits would be placed on the number of people coming from countries where wages and benefits are lower than in the UK. The restrictions would include existing EU members, such as Romania and Bulgaria, as well as countries joining in the future. The cap, tearing up the EU’s founding principle of free movement, is thought to have won some backing in the Cabinet.
Senior Tories want immigration reform to be at the centre of efforts to renegotiate the relationship with Brussels.
Under the proposals, there would be ‘two rings of Europe’, with Britain and others breaking away from eurozone countries committed to closer integration.
Countries in the ‘outer ring’ would focus on trade, with business regulations, human rights laws and entitlements to benefits all radically cut.
The Prime Minister has promised to renegotiate Britain’s membership of the EU before an in-out referendum by the end of 2017. David Cameron is facing calls from his MPs to spell out what measures he hopes to achieve in a renegotiation.
Some in the Tory party want him to adopt a tougher stance on immigration to see off the threat of Ukip at next year’s general election.
Cameron has previously talked about proposals for a wealth test to stop migration from countries joining the EU, such as Turkey and Albania, until their economies are closer aligned to the UK.
But some Conservative MPs want the idea extended to include countries that are already members. People from these countries would still be allowed to come to Britain, but their numbers would be limited.
People from these countries would still be allowed to come to Britain, but their numbers would be limited.
Earlier this year there were reports of a Cabinet split on whether a pledge to stop the influx of foreign workers from poorer European nations should be included in the Tories’ 2015 manifesto.

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