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May 16, 2021

No special pensions for aviators, but grant allowances

Prime Minister Victor Ponta on Tuesday said that the Government cannot grant special pensions to aviators, because the European Commission and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) do not agree, however he added that allowances would be granted, as in the case of military and diplomats.
‘The problem is as follows: Mr Boc also cut the pensions of military, diplomats, aviators and court clerks. We did not restore the special pensions for military and diplomats, as the European Commission and the IMF do not agree to come back to special pensions. We granted them some allowances through which we acknowledge their role. We want to do the same thing for aviators and court clerks. In the area of navigating crew, they do not agree to it, they say they want to come back to the special pension and, with all the respect I have for those doing this very difficult job, we cannot come back to special pensions,’ Ponta told a press conference at the Labour Ministry’s headquarters, Agerpres informs. He hopes the Government will reach an understanding with the navigating crew representatives and if this happens, the law providing these allowances will pass Parliament in September. ‘If we come back to the special pensions, we shall open a Pandora box. There are very many who want special pensions and there is another thing, we also leave place to abuses. (…) The idea, however, is to maintain a balance between what we give back, and these people deserve to be given back as they now have very low pensions, and what is being asked, restoring everything is not possible,’ the Prime Minister mentioned.
Ponta also said that one of the greatest challenges for the period 2014-2020 is the correct and efficient use of European funds, in order to have concrete results in terms of integrating the disfavoured communities, the Roma one in the first place. In her turn, Minister of Labour Rovana Plumb said that more than 10,000 jobs will be created mainly in rural areas through the program ‘Promoting social inclusion’, whose budget stands at EUR 200 million in European funds.

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