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January 18, 2022

UDMR, on the brink of leaving ruling coalition

Kelemen Hunor and PM Ponta did not reach any compromise during talks at Government. UDMR to decide on Friday.

UDMR will discuss on Friday during the meeting of the Union Standing Council about the possibility of leaving the ruling coalition after Kelemen Hunor and Prime Minister Victor Ponta reached no compromise on Wednesday morning and are to hold another talk.
“UDMR chairman Kelemen Hunor and Prime Minister Victor Ponta had a talk on Wednesday but no compromise was reached so that another talk is scheduled for today. Going out of the ruling coalition cannot be decided by a single person. The meeting of the Union Standing Council will take place on Friday in Cluj-Napoca during which a possible exit out of the ruling coalition will be discussed, depending on the talks between Kelemen Hunor and Victor Ponta,” said UDMR secretary general Kovacs Peter quoted by Mediafax.
Monday night, Prime Minister Victor Ponta said that he talked both to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the UDMR leader about the Union’s dissatisfactions and that he will try to find a possible solution so that the fair cooperation relation with UDMR should continue, adding that a matter of state cannot be negotiated. Ponta said he was upset by the fact that the dialogue between the two was public and added that he does not want UDMR to leave the ruling coalition, adding however that in this latter case, there is no problem regarding the parliamentary majority.
UDMR chairman Kelemen Hunor criticised the measure of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) regarding the citizen initiative of minorities, saying it is an “obsolete thinking” and said that he was placed in an awkward position, to be “ignored and humiliated.”
Tensions escalated in the ruling coalition as UDMR chairman Kelemen Hunor explicitly threatened on Saturday that the Hungarians will leave the coalition unless MAE withdraws the intervention from the trial at the European Union Tribunal, in which Romania took the side of the European Commission, against a European Citizens’ initiative, Minority Safe Pack, as UDMR is one of those initiating this project.
Tariceanu’s party to replace UDMR
The central media said this week that PSD would not be so affected by UDMR leaving the Government because they rely on the votes of the MPs of the newly-created party founded by the former liberal chairman Calin Popescu Tariceanu, the Liberal Reforming Party.
More precisely, according to adevarul.ro, PLR would bring Victor Ponta other 20 votes in the Parliament, a figure almost equal to the UDMR votes. The quoted source indicates that UDMR has at the moment 26 MPs who support the Ponta Government, but PRL comes fast from behind with 20 MPs, most of whom left PNL, angry that the Social Liberal Union was broken. Besides, Tariceanu was supported for the helm of the Senate by PSD and the 20 votes taken from the opposition and obtained by the ruling coalition would be the perfect compensation for social-democrats and a new exercise of loyalty towards PM Ponta. Moreover, the former liberals, who became reforming-liberals overnight, are even aiming an executive position, after PM Victor Ponta said the liberals who will follow Tariceanu to the new political party might be offered some ministerial portfolios.
The PSD group has 179 deputies in the Chamber of Deputies at the moment, UDMR has 18 deputies and PC has 16. These three political groups gather together 213 votes and ensure a relaxing majority with 12 per cent over the limit. There are also the 19 votes of PP-DD which might sign a parliamentary and local agreement with PSD. Besides, there are 17 votes from the minorities who are always voting for the ruling majority. There are 14 liberal deputies who left their party and joined PRL, among whom Daniel Chitoiu, Mihai Stanisoara, Radu Stroe, Andrei Gerea and Octavina Bolt, as other two are about to leave, namely Paul Dumbravanu and Constantin Galan.

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