ANI: Romanian ambassador to UNESCO has wealth he cannot account for

The National Agency for Integrity (ANI) has found that Romanian ambassador to UNESCO Nicolae Manolescu has a difference of EUR 78,000 he cannot account for between the wealth he has actually gained and the incomes he declared to have made together with his wife. According to an ANI  release quoted by Agerpres on Thursday, Manolescu made more than  RON 664,000 in wage earnings in 2009 and the asset modifications in the same year amounted to more than RON 991,000, thus resulting in  RON 327,000 (some EUR 78,000) in wealth he cannot account for. The Agency instructed that the Commission on wealth investigation with the Bucharest Court of Appeal be notified of the case, with a view to starting checking the asset modifications and the income earned by the ambassador during the time he exercised this public position. Manolescu has been the Romanian ambassador to the Paris-based United Nations body since November 2006.
Manolescu is a literary critic and president of the Writers’ Guild in Romania. He told Mediafax that he does not know anything about the report created by the National Integrity Agency (ANI), saying he would like to have EUR 78,000 money to spend. “I don’t know anything. There was a file five years ago at ANI and it was closed. As far as ANI told me a year ago, the file was closed. How it came up now, I have no idea,” said Manolescu. He added that in that ANI file it was not about the fact that he could not justify an amount of about EUR 78,000. “Anyhow, I declared the amounts I spent. I wish I had EUR 78,000 to spend,” added Nicolae Manolescu. Inquired whether he will contest the ANI evaluation report, he said “If I will be communicated something official, I will challenge it.”

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