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May 25, 2022

Lawmen take Bercea Mondial clan by storm

The influence peddling case involving the head of state’s brother Mircea Basescu and Sandu Anghel aka Bercea Mondial has forced judicial authorities to bring to light new cases implicating  the members of the Bercea clan. Bercea Mondial’s brother, Amar Generalu’, has been remanded in custody on suspicion of defrauding the state by RON 360,000. The mayor of Daneti village in Dolj County and the town hall accountant have also been arrested on abuse of office, forgery, and use of forgery charges. Bercea’s brother is accused of injuring the state by RON 360,000 after concluding multiple contracts with a town hall in Olt County.
The son of Bercea Mondial, Florin Anghel aka Basica, is also under criminal investigation on suspicion of purchase of influence in a case derived from the case involving Mircea Basescu and Marian Capatana.
In connection with the blackmail case, investigators carried out a search early Thursday at the residence of Gabriela Anghel, one of Bercea Mondial’s daughters, in Draganesti Olt. The aim of the search was to find electronic equipment or devices and other data storage units like mobile phones or memory cards. Around two and a half hours later, the investigators left carrying laptops and CDs, among others, but refused to make any statements.
Mircea Basescu has requested for the remand in custody measure to be revoked. The Bucharest Court had initially decided to settle the request on July 21, but the hearing was changed yesterday to July 15.

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