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October 20, 2021

Johannis: PNL will file a motion if the Ombudsman does not challenge the education ordinance with the CC

PNL chairman Klaus Johannis announced that the Liberals will file a simple motion in the fall if the Ombudsman does not challenge the education emergency ordinance with the Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR).
“The Gov’t seems to have been waiting around the corner for the Parliament to leave in order to issue the emergency ordinance on amending the Education Bill. Bringing changes to almost 100 sections of the bill is not an urgent or even necessary amendment, but a radical change. (…) If the Gov’t had wished to amend the Education Bill, it could have launched a public debate and I am surprised it did not; we are dealing with a phenomenon called ‘long distance-governing.’ The Gov’t could have expressed its wishes, and the Prime Minister his reason for changing the Education Bill, well enough in such a debate,” Johannis said, according to Mediafax. He stressed the need for stability, predictability, and appropriate funding of legislation in the education sector.
“We, Liberals, support the idea of decentralizing the teaching system and funding it appropriately. (…) Without these two things, we will never have an efficient educational system. In order to achieve this, we need political consensus which is obtained through political negotiations and by sending the law to the Parliament,” the PNL leader added. President Traian Basescu, MP Raluca Turcan (PDL), the Romanian Academic Society, and the Alliance for a Clean Romania have recently asked the Ombudsman to notify the CCR with regard to EGO 49/2014. In a press release, the Ombudsman said he is currently verifying whether the constitutional and legal requirements for notifying the Constitutional Court on the provisions under EGO No.39/2014 have been met, and the solution will be posted on the official website. The Emergency Government Ordinance No.49/2014 of June 2014 on implementing measures in the field of education and scientific research and amending certain legislative acts was published in the Official Gazette of Romania, Section I, 486 of June 30, 2014.

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