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October 22, 2021

PNL/PDL status project: alliance for presidential elections in 2014

Shared leadership during 2015-2017. The full name of the party is PNL/PDL, according to the status project drafted by the mixed negotiation commission of the two parties. PNL and PDL would work as a party with a united leadership from 2017, in the next election cycle.

The status project drafted by the mixed negotiation commission PNL-PDL and sent to the organizations of the two parties found a compromise solution for the denomination of the future party: PNL/PDL, reports hotnews.ro. According to the quoted source, the logo or the party is still pending until the congresses of the two parties, scheduled for July 26. The same source also reveals that, as of January 1, 2015, the PNL/PDL party would have a shared leadership with two co-chairpersons and leading structures derived by the merging of the PNL and PDL current structures. The co-chairpersons are the chairpersons of the former National Liberal Party and the former Democratic Liberal Party, elected within the decision-making structures of both parties.
The National Political Office will be made up of 104 members. The positions will be split in the following manner: 31 vice-chairpersons from PNL elected at the Congress on July 26-27 and a vice-chairman appointed according to the PNL status, 6 prime-vice-chairpersons and 16 vice-chairpersons from PDL, PNL general secretary and PDL general secretary, 2 deputy general secretaries of PDL.
“The operating way and the representation manner at the county and local structures for January 1, 2015 and January 1, 2017 will be established through a decision of the National Convention in the first session after the presidential elections in 2014,” according to the project.
The status might come into effect in 2015, reason for which the liberals and the democratic-liberals are to run at the presidential elections in November 2014 as election alliance, not like a party registered at the Tribunal.
As for the political programme, the project reveals that the parliamentary groups of PNL and PDL will work separately in the Parliament during the current legislature (until the parliamentary elections in 2016): “The PNL and PDL parliamentary groups in the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate will work like separate parliamentary groups over the entire legislature 2012-2016,” reads the status project. This item can be amended though.
The third stage of the “right-wing unification” started by PNL and PDL should occur in 2017, when PNL/PDL should unite under a single leadership, resulted from a common congress (the National Convention). The New Status will come into force in stages, starting with January 1, 2015, and PDL and PNL will join as an election alliance at the presidential elections in November 2014.
As for the anti-corruption criteria, they were taken from PDL status. Thus, a person cannot join PNL/PDL “if they were sentenced for intentional felonies, except for the case they were redeemed.” This might be the case of PNL Senator Tudor Chiuariu, sentenced to suspended prison sentence. Those who are under preventive arrest are suspended from the party for various periods.
Romanian MEP Monica Macovei (PDL) considers the new political construction set up through the merger of PDL with the PNL should take over the Ethical Code of the Democrat Liberals to be credible, with the code including clear disciplinary procedures and sanctions for more situations of judicial conflict the party members could encounter. The former justice minister says, in a release issued  quoted by Agerpres, that the new right-wing construction must continue defending justice and the rule of law state.
Among the principles and actions the new right-wing construction should promote, Macovei mentions: ‘Maintaining the current anti-corruption and anti-fraud legislation and the current legislation on the institutional architecture of DNA, ANI, ICCJ or their competence.’
The status project will be analyzed by both parties’ organizations and the congress of each party will vote on it on July 26.

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