Mircea Basescu remains under remand

Mircea Basescu, the brother of the head of state, formally charged with influence peddling under the accusation that he took EUR 250,000 as bribe to help Bercea Mondial escape prison, will stay in arrest, the Constanta Tribunal decided Wednesday, Mediafax reports. The decision is not final and may be appealed within a 48-hour interval at the Court of Appeals. Judges rejected as unfounded the request filed by Mircea Basescu to replace the remand with judiciary control.
The same decision was made by the court for Marian Capatana.
Upon leaving the courtroom, Mircea Basescu’s lawyers said they told judges that the records existing in the case are not authentic. Mircea Basescu and Marian Capatana were indicted Monday in a case that has the president’s brothers accused of receiving EUR 250,000, through Capatana, in order to intervene to judges and obtain a favorable sentence for Bercea Mondial.
Mircea Basescu and Marian Capatana were remanded on June 20, after the family of interloper Bercea Mondial made public several videos recorded by his son with a spy can, which demonstrate the influence peddling the president’s brother is accused of.
According to prosecutors, at the beginning of 2011, after Sandu Anghel, a.k.a. Bercea Mondial, was remanded by the Olt Tribunal, his son Florin Anghel, gave Mircea Basescu the sum of EUR 250,000 via Marian Capatana, against the promise that the president’s brother will intervene to the judges trying the case in which Bercea was charged with attempted murder by stabbing a nephew, and also with other counts. Later, as Bercea Mondial was not set free, Florin Anghel gave Marian Capatana an additional sum of EUR 350,000 to the same purpose.
In a different move, following a complaint filed by Mircea Basescu, Bercea Mondial’s son-in-law, Marius Constantin was indicted for blackmail with aggravating circumstances, repeated, while the daughter of the interloper, Izaura Anghel, and her minor brother Grinica Ion Anghel were sent in court under the accusation of blackmail with aggravating circumstances. In the same file appears as defendant Florin Anghel, the eldest son of Bercea Mondial, for three concurrent counts of blackmail, one of them repeated, while his mother Fanica Anghel was charged with blackmail.

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