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September 24, 2021

EC: Romania, EUR 285 M corrections in 2013, bigger than in 2012

Romania suffered financial corrections of EUR 285 million in 2013, up from 2012, because of irregularities in the absorption of European funds, the European Commission announced Friday, in the Annual report on the protection of the financial interests of the European Union and fight against fraud. The bulk of the corrections suffered by Romania in 2013, EUR 219 M, refers to money from the European Social Fund, which mainly finances the Operational Programme Development of Human Resources (POSDRU) and the Operational Programme Development of Administrative Capacity (PODCA). Other corrections were applied to the projects financed from: the European Agricultural Guaranteeing Fund, the Rural Development Fund – EUR 17 M.
In 2013, Romania absorbed European funds worth over EUR 5.5 bn, but contributed EUR 1.5 bn to the budget of the EU, resulting a positive balance of EUR 4 bn, under the government’s Convergence Programme. Against this balance, financial corrections account for approximately 7.1 pc. In 2012, Romania suffered financial corrections of about EUR 139 M. The evolution of financial corrections applied to Romania registered an increase for the last 3 years, from a level of EUR 53 M in 2011, but the absorption of European funds was much smaller as well by then. The financial corrections applied to all 28 EU member countries in 2013 amounts to a cumulated EUR 2.4 bn, down from EUR 3.7 bn in 2012.
Set aside the irregularities found in the absorption of European funds, Romania reported last year a total 109 fraudulent irregularities: 60 in agriculture, 23 in cohesion policy and 26 in pre-accession policy. The sums involved in the frauds reported by Romania amount to EUR 36.5 M. The largest sums involved in fraudulent irregularities are in the cohesion policy – some EUR 23 M. Romania thus ranks second in the EU in terms of reported fraudulent irregularities. First comes Italy – 302 and third Bulgaria – 97, followed by Poland – 91.

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