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May 12, 2021

Traian Basescu: ‘I expect PMP to welcome me at the central HQ after I finish my term’

President Traian Basescu stated on Saturday in Sinaia that he expects the Popular Movement Party (PMP) to welcome him at the “central HQ” after he finishes his term in office, Mediafax informs.
The Head of State made the statements in Sinaia, where he attended the “Congress of Popular Women” organized by the Popular Movement Party’s Women’s Organization.
“What am I expecting from this party? To welcome me at the central headquarters after I finish my term,” Basescu said. He pointed out that he does not want to “overwhelm” the party with his personality but wants to help it with the experience he has. “I want to transfer to the party all my political experience, the knowledge in internal and foreign policy and in managing a country. I am convinced I can help the party a lot to sit where it should sit as a new party: a new party that takes over the country from where it is now,” Traian Basescu added. He stated that last Friday he took his personal archive – containing documents from the time he was Transportation Minister and then Bucharest Mayor – from the PDL headquarters, stating that he will transfer it to PMP.
The Head of State also referred to the new right-wing party formed through the merger of PDL and PNL, pointing out that it “sounds like hell.” “You should know that the former PDL, the current PNL, took over the country from Ion Iliescu and took it over less evolved than it is now. The ten years in which the current PNL, I don’t know how to call it, which I was leading in 2000… To quote Petre Roman, it sounds like hell,” Traian Basescu continued, stirring applause and laughter in the hall in which the PMP women’s Congress was taking place.
The Head of State pointed out that the country needs a new party that has not been involved in the compromises made in the last 25 years and that would assume the modern, European state, state that should guarantee the prosperity of future generations, not the transition state.
“My hope is that by 2016 the PMP will become such a party. I will help it as I promised,” Basescu said, pointing out that he does not want to “overwhelm” it with his personality, but that he would like the party to create its own personality. Basescu also stated that “the time has come for a different generation of politicians to take politics further,” and pointed out that he maintains the goal he discussed prior to the creation of the party with the current PMP MPs, namely that in 2016 the party should reach 25-30 per cent.

“I will remain extremely committed to this goal, because with such a percentage the party will have an important word to say. I don’t want this party to be dependent on other parties, I would like a party with a lot of personality and a lot of determination to change Romania for the better,” Basescu added.
“Be financially independent from the party’s men”
President Traian Basescu recommended the PMP women to be financially independent from the party’s men, stating that as long as the women’s and youth organizations depend on the financial resources ensured by the men the latter will decide “who to elect.”
“I would like you to be a party with independent women, not hyper-feminist, but independent. I know how it used to go within PDL: if there was a congress such as this one, the presidents of organizations had to go in order to cover the travel and lodging expenses. If there was a youth congress the men had to go, yes, the presidents of county or city branches, in order to find the financial resources in order for the youths to organize a summer camp at the seaside or somewhere else. I don’t know how it was done now, but I give you an advice: detach yourselves from financial dependency on the gentlemen, even within your organizations. Find solutions, do something. As long as you are dependent on the men’s material support in any action, you won’t be independent organizations, and that goes for the youth too. They will even draft your attendance list at the congress, they will tell you what to say, they will also tell you who to elect. You are at the beginning, I realize that it is difficult to talk about this and especially it is very difficult to reach this independence, but the recommendation is to try to have it at least partially, in order to be able to decide for yourselves what you want to do with the women’s organization. Only this way it will be a very powerful organization, only this way it will impose its candidates for the offices of advisors and MPs,” the Head of State told the PMP women.
“Cristian Diaconescu’s training fits exactly a president’s profile”
President Traian Basescu also stated that the presidential elections bring on the political stage a whole army of nobodies who think they can be Romania’s president, pleading in favor of Cristian Diaconescu and stating that in his opinion Diaconescu has the right profile and training for this office.
He added that he opted for the Cristian Diaconescu option when he was consulted before the PMP’s Congress, pointing out that he was a secretary of state, a Foreign Minister, a Justice Minister. “Cristi Diaconescu’s training fits exactly a president’s profile,” President Basescu stated, adding that Diaconescu knows the details and foreign policy, and even as a member of the government led by Adrian Nastase he laid the bases of what today is the Romanian judiciary. “I would say there cannot be a better recommendation for a candidacy than a good knower of foreign policy, who alongside other justice ministers contributed to the evolution of today’s judiciary,” Traian Basescu commented.
The Head of State also stated that Diaconescu is “a man whose honesty cannot be questioned.” “You have, in my opinion, the most legitimate presidential candidate, who, we have to admit this, is backed by a still small party but a party that can grow and can give an important president,” Basescu said. He also stated that confidential opinion polls show that Cristian Diaconescu set off from 2 per cent and reached 8.5 per cent in the latest poll yesterday. “It’s clear we have a candidate that is growing, but apart from letting him make the most of himself, we have to make the most of him too. Don’t start off from the premise that big parties always give presidents and mayors. Small parties can do it too, if the candidate is the right person. I too know fairly well the candidates that want to become Romanian president. The problem is what temptation for compromise you have once you reach the Presidential Palace. We have in Diaconescu a politician who will not make compromises, hasn’t made them until now and I am convinced he will not make them when he reaches Cotroceni,” Traian Basescu added.
CAS: “Bolshevik measure unless you state how you will cover the costs. It would be immoral”
On Saturday the Head of State also referred to the impact of lowering the social security contributions (CAS) and explained that from his point of view this measure is a Bolshevik measure if the way in which the hole in the budget is supposed to be covered is not explained.
“There is talk of lowering the social security contributions, of the fact that it is a right-wing measure. No. It is a Bolshevik measure, unless you say the source from which you will cover these costs. When you don’t want to state the costs and you say “we’ll trick the Romanians,” you have nothing in common with the right wing. A right-wing man is one who makes the calculations. It was a measure announced prematurely. I’m not saying it shouldn’t be applied. It should be applied if we know the sources,” Basescu said. He added that he wants the Romanian Government to make an assessment with which to prove to him that the implementation of the CAS for enterprises will not be compensated with the introduction of new taxes and fees.

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