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June 29, 2022

Computerization could affect almost 62 pc of jobs in Romania

Almost 62 percent of the jobs in Romania are at risk due to computerization of jobs, this being the highest rate in the European Union, according to a study published by Bruegel institute. In the 28 EU states, the rate of jobs vulnerable to such computerization varies between 46.69 percent in Sweden and 61.93 percent in Romania. In Central and Eastern Europe, the risk of computerization is of 57.91 percent in Croatia, 56.56 percent in Bulgaria, 56.29 percent in Poland, 55.34 percent in Hungary, 54.1 percent in Austria, 53.65 percent in the Czech Republic and 53.19 percent in Slovenia. The rate is slightly higher in Southern Europe. For example, the risk of computerization is of 58.94 percent in Portugal – the second highest rate in the EU after Romania, 56.47 percent in Greece, 56.18 percent in Italy and 55.32 percent in Spain.

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