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September 25, 2022

Knights, princesses, minstrels and squires at the opening parade of the Sighisoara Festival

Hundreds of knights, princesses, minstrels and squires marched Friday afternoon through Sighisoara, at the opening parade of Romania’s oldest medieval festival, “Sighisoara Medievala”, now at its 23rd edition.
Over 300 knights, princesses, minstrels and squires, in centuries-old traditional costumes, representing several chivalry orders invited from Romania, Hungary, Serbia, France and Croatia created a great atmosphere Friday afternoon, during the opening parade of the “Sighisoara Medievala” Festival, which reached its 23rd edition.
The parade, opened by a drummer and flag-bearers, started from the Downtown, crossed several streets, marched through the gate of the Clock Tower and made a triumphal entry in the Central Square of Medieval Citadel, renamed for the festival “The Square of Archangel Michael,” as it is customary for the duration of each festival. Here, the artistic director of the event, Liviu Pancu, introduced to the public the knightly orders attending this edition, which include the Order of Wolf Knights, Lupus Dacus, the Order of Medias Knights, the Order of ArtGotica Knights, Moldavia’s Knight Sentries, the Squires of Muhlbach, Terra Alba, the ScHema Band, the Fabulous Band, the Order of Stag Knights, Nomen est Omen and Truverii.
The representative of the oldest order present in the festival, the Medias Knights, delivered an opening address, then the Peace Scrolls were sealed, before all the participants, who took the oath of contributing, through faith and chivalry, to creating an atmosphere of peace and goodwill.
The festival continues Friday evening at the “Square of Archangel Michael” with a contest of flag-bearers belonging to the ArtGotica Order and a “duel” of minstrels, in a show attended by the orders Lupus Dacus, Truverii, the Transylvanian Pipers, Nomen est Omen, Bucium, Cva Domini, Huniadi Cantores and Ensemble Forfaitz, a medieval performance by the Medias Knights and new concerts. In their turn, the other squares – Saint George and Saint Bernard – also host recitals, medieval animation and dance shows, with the day ending at midnight with a withdrawal with torches.
Besides the medieval shows, the Sighisoara Citadel is also animated by many merchants who sell items associated with such an event, like paintings, cartoons, jewels, medieval dolls, masks, hand-embroidered book covers, and by artisans that teach tourists how to blow glass in various shapes.
The main attraction of the “Sighisoara Medievala” festival this year is the historic re-enactment show named “700”, which has a central theme 700 years from the death by burning of Jacques de Molay, Grand Master of the Knights Templar, performed Saturday and Sunday evening.
On Saturday, for the first time at a medieval festival in Romania, the public was invited to enjoy “a grandiose parade of Knights Templar” from Romania, France and Serbia, as the Order of Wolf Knights, was admitted on February 1st at Rucar, and now belongs to the Order of Knights Templar of Saint Bernard.
Approximately 40,000 participants are expected during the three days of the event. Like every year, the festival, now at its 23rd edition, is organised by the Municipality of Sighisoara and the Sighisoara Tourist Association.

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