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October 28, 2020

Rus: PSD will find it important and necessary for Ponta to run for Presidency

The Social Democratic Party (PSD) will find it important and necessary for its national leader Victor Ponta, the incumbent prime minister of Romania, to run for President of Romania, and there will be no battle inside the party, Transport Minister Ioan Rus of PSD told Realitatea TV private broadcaster on Thursday evening. ‘I know the life of the party. The party will find it important and necessary for him to run. Consequently, we can start from the idea that Ponta will be the candidate of the coalition, even if that is not formal,’ said Rus, meaning the coalition of PSD, the National Union for Romania’s Progress (UNPR) and the Conservative Party (PC). He added that legally and constitutionally speaking Ponta can stay in the prime ministerial office for the time of the electoral campaigning, but Ponta will decide himself whether or not he will delegate his position. On the other hand, Rus said that PSD’s former presidential candidate Mircea Geoana is well placed in the party and could surely be used in the central public administration.
As far as the political Right is concerned, Rus said he has a good opinion on the unification of the Right, but the Right’s apparent candidate Klaus Iohannis has small chances of convincing the voters he can govern a country. Rus said Iohannis will be hard pressed ‘translating his political, administrative and economic experience from a city like Sibiu to include the whole country.’ ‘My take is he has small chances of succeeding in proving to everyone that he can govern a country,’ said Rus.

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