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January 28, 2022

Ponta to seek PSD National Council support for presidential candidacy

Prime Minister Victor Ponta will seek the support of his Social Democrat Party (PSD) fellows to run in this autumn’s elections for president of Romania at the party’s National Council meeting to be held in Craiova (south-west of the capital) on Tuesday, Agerpres informs. ‘I will run (for president). I will seek the support for the candidacy on Tuesday, the 29th, as part of the PSD structure, given that I already have the official support of the Conservatives and the National Union for the Progress of Romania (the PSD governing allies – editor’s note). Afterwards, we need a Congress in September. At the (PSD) National Council on Tuesday I will ask for my party’s support for me to run in the elections’, Ponta told Adevarul Live webcast last Thursday. Also on Thursday, Ponta attended the Extraordinary County Conference of the PSD branch from Calarasi (eastern Romania), when he told the local Social Democrats that the day of July 29 has a symbolic significance, since it marks two years since a referendum on whether to dismiss President Traian Basescu was held; 7.4 million Romanians voted for the move. He said he wanted to return to Calarasi in 2015 as president of Romania, not only as the PSD president. Around 5,000 Social Democrat delegates are expected to attend the National Council on Tuesday.

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