Romania marked National Anthem Day

The Romanian prime minister attended on Tuesday a military ceremony marking the National Anthem Day in the Tricolour Square outside the National Military Palace in Bucharest. Also taking part were deputy Prime Minister Gabriel Oprea, Bucharest Mayor Sorin Oprescu and Defence Minister Mircea Dusa.
Prime Minister Victor Ponta said on Tuesday, on the Day of the National Anthem of Romania that the ‘Wake Up, Romanian!’ anthem is a symbol of the regained dignity of a long-suffering nation, adding that the new anthem of Romania that returned to democracy after the 1989 fall of communism was chosen in a natural way and was undisputable. ‘To be able to fully understand its meaning, we must thoroughly know our history, with its good and not so good parts and learn the lessons it offers us. This year, by our vote (in November’s presidential elections – editor’s note), we must regain our dignity, after ten years of a discretionary political rule, that has dented the democracy, the credibility of its institutions and after a long string of economic and social failures. It is time for a new ‘waking up’ of the nation, who can build their future in agreement with the Romanian citizens’ needs and expectations, in an Europe faced with a host of challenges. By honouring our anthem, we honour our forefathers, the national history and express our wish to live in freedom. The future of Romania has two clear landmarks: the dignity of the citizens and of the nation and their freedom to decide their own fate. We cannot take the wrong road if we have these two land

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