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January 26, 2022

ForMin Corlatean: The national anthem, one of the most visible symbols of Romanians

Romania’s Foreign Minister Titus Corlatean believes the national anthem to be one of the most visible symbols of Romanians, while Andrei Muresanu’s lyrics and Anton Pann’s music have accompanied Romania’s history for over one century and a half. ‘Starting in 1998, on every July 29, Romanians from all over the world celebrate their National Anthem Day. Its urge to national awakening, for the first time launched in Ramnicu Valcea 166 years ago, have animated the Romanians in the most important moments of their history of the past two centuries: the Independence War, the Greater Union, the 1989 December Revolution, having become in time, along with the tricolour flag, a profound symbol of the unity and cohesion of the Romanian people. By its permanence in the history of the Romanian people, ‘Wake up, Romanian!’ has fundamentally contributed to the sketching up and consolidation of the national identity, of the aspirations of the Romanian people toward assertion as a sovereign nation inside the family of European nations,’ reads a message issued by Corlatean on Tuesday and quoted by Agerpres. To Romanians who live far away from their motherland, says the minister, this special day should represent a moment for recollection and symbolic return home, while the national anthem, which is rendered today in all of Romania’s embassies and consular offices abroad ‘reverberates particularly for our fellow citizens who are far away from home.’ ‘The National Anthem Day is highly charged with emotions as it is a day devoted to the cohesion and unity of the Romanian communities abroad, for the conservation and consolidation of the national identity of all Romanians, wherever they may be.,’ says Corlatean.

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