PNL’s Frunzaverde: The great National Liberal Party is here, nothing bad can happen now

Vice Chairman of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Sorin Frunzaverde said Wednesday in Resita that the great National Liberal Party is here and Romania’s Right is united. ‘What we initiated in the spring of 2012 came to pass now at the merger convention of 2014. The grand National Liberal Party is here, it exists, nothing bad can happen now because Romania’s Right is united. I said back then that the Romanian Right will coalesce around PNL. And here it is united inside of what we can call the grand National Liberal Party. I believe it is the strongest political formation in Romania right now,’ said Frunzaverde, quoted by Agerpres. Before August 5, the sociological analyses to select the candidate to be endorsed by the Liberal Christian Alliance (ACL) for the office of Romania’s President will be ready. ‘This is an analysis of two alternative presidia bids: of Predoiu and Iohannis. As the analysis looks right now, Iohannis will be our candidate for this November’s presidential election,’ said Frunzaverde. As far as his recent visit to the US accompanied by Catalin Predoiu is concerned, Frunzaverde said it was a beneficial one. ‘We had an interesting and serious conversation about political and economic developments in Romania in the period immediately ahead. That was a discreet and serious visit, as were the talks back in 2012, to unify the Romanian Right, a project that was successful, the same as was the action of 2005 that we conducted to take the Democratic Party out of the Socialist International and into the European People’s Party. I believe that serious political action is required in Romania, not necessarily being on television,’ said Frunzaverde.

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