Dragnea: Ponta vs. Basescu in presidential elections’ run-off, even if Basescu does not run directly

The PSD’s Executive Chairman Liviu Dragnea said on Thursday that, in the run-off of presidential elections, Victor Ponta would actually face Traian Basescu, taking into account the fact that all the potential candidates of the Right rely on the hard core of the incumbent President’s voters.
‘In the run-off there will be a confrontation between Victor Ponta and Traian Basescu. Traian Basescu no longer runs directly, but he runs through epigones, through followers. (…) All these candidates who have announced their wish … potential candidates – Cristian Diaconescu, Catalin Predoiu, Klaus Johannis, I have heard also about Monica Macovei, all these people are relying, beyond anything else, on the hard core of Traian Basescu’s voters. 6% [the percentage of this hard core] matters in the run-off,’ Dragnea said in an interview for DC News.
The PSD’s executive chairman explained that Victor Ponta’s run-off contender would be supported by Traian Basescu in exchange for the position of prime minister.
‘We all know that Traian Basescu has said it clearly and explicitly that he is negotiating the support for receiving the prime minister position. I think that the run-off will be a confrontation between Victor Ponta, who represents the desire to change this abusive regime, and a person backed by Traian Basescu (…) that could give Romanians the ill-fortune of Traian Basescu’s perpetuating his regime for another 5 years, so that we may have at least 15 years of Basescu regime,’ added Dragnea.

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