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February 9, 2023

Reformist Liberal Party’s Congress to convene on Aug 1-2

The members of the Reformist Liberal Party (PLR) will hold their first congress on Aug. 1-2 at Parliament Palace to elect the leadership of the party.  The first day of the PLR Congress will be devoted to debates on resolutions to be presented within the event; on Saturday, the participants will elect the party chairman and other senior officials.
PLR is a political project resulting from the partnership between the Initiative Group for the Preservation of the Liberal Identity, launched by Senate Speaker Calin Popescu Tariceanu and the National Environment Party. PLR was launched on July 3, Tariceanu declaring on that occasion that ‘Liberalism in Romania is moving forward’ and criticizing the recent political actions of the National Liberal Party (PNL). ‘Together with my colleagues with liberal convictions who oppose the appropriation of the National Liberal Party by Basescu and his cronies, we will organise on August 1 and 2 the Congress of the Liberal Reforming Party, a structure we pin high hopes to for being the true representative of the Romanian Right, based on programs, political programs and mainly confidence and unity. We grasped one moment sooner than our colleagues in the old Liberal Party that we have a duty to save Romanian liberalism from extinction,’ Tariceanu argued. He also declared he will take on this project by running in the future presidential elections.
Restoring USL, not excluded
On the other hand, Senate Chairman Calin Popescu Tariceanu said Wednesday in Ploiesti that he did not have explicit talks with Prime Minister Victor Ponta about restoring the Social Liberal Union (USL), adding that he did not rule out such possibility. ‘I have not had any explicit discussion with Prime Minister Ponta about restoring the USL. We do not rule out such possibility as a political idea. Certainly USL cannot be restored to its former self, because the protocol took into account the weight of the parties back then,’ Tariceanu told a news conference.
He added that talks of creating a suppler USL can be had at a given time. ‘From another perspective, of our political positioning in Parliament, we are backing up the current programme of the Government. At a given time, we can discuss even restoring the USL in a somehow suppler formula, the remaking or the creation of a USL kind of structure, which means an alliance between a Liberal party and the Social Democratic Party (PSD), because I believe Romania today needs a Liberal contribution and participation in the political action and governing,’ Tariceanu explained.

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