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October 25, 2021

On today’s counting, Johannis is much ahead of Predoiu, official says

The designation of the Christian Liberal Alliance (ACL) candidate to Romania’s Presidency will take place on August 9-10, but it is very clear that ‘on today’s counting’ Klaus Johannis is much ahead of Catalin Predoiu, National Liberal Party (PNL) Vice Chairman Teodor Atanasiu told RFI radio broadcaster on Tuesday.

‘We expect the results of the research that we commissioned to the two public opinion polling institutes to come out around August 8, following right after this date the party’s leadership to gather and decide the candidate to run in the presidential elections. Therefore, the designation will actually take place on August 9-10,’ Atanasiu said.

He pointed out that the poll carried out at PNL’s request has not yet been completed, but on today’s counting Klaus Johannis is much ahead of Catalin Predoiu.

‘On August 8 the polls will be ready, but it is very clear that, at least on today’s counting, Mr Johannis is much ahead, by many percentage points, which I cannot reveal right now. We do not only measure the departure point, but also the trend, how much he can gain in the second round and so on. But we do not believe there will be any spectacular modifications compared with the polls presented to the public opinion so far,’ Teodor Atanasiu underscored.

He pointed out he does not believe in the existence of the possibility of the surveys commissioned by PNL and the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) showing divergent data, namely one poll ranking Johannis better than Predoiu and the other, that of PDL, showing the opposite.

‘Taking into account that the error margin of the surveys we commissioned stands at 2 per cent and the difference in polls between the two candidates is much higher, the surveys cannot show this thing, unless one of the institutes made a joke out of the poll. But we do not think this thing will happen. We asked for these polls to aid us in choosing the candidate and in establishing the election campaign approach, we did not commission these polls to mystif

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