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February 3, 2023

President Basescu to reject PM’s nominations for culture and budget ministers

President Traian Basescu warned that he will reject on Wednesday Prime Minister’s Victor Ponta nominees for the ministers of culture – Rozalia Biro of the Hungarian Democrat Union of Romania, and budget – Claudiu Manda of the Social Democratic Party.

Speaking on Tuesday at the B1 TV station, the president said his rejection could be avoided if either Ponta withdraws his nominations, or the two nominees realize the task would be too big for them.

‘I will have a position on Tuesday or Wednesday; on one hand, to leave the necessary time to the premier to come up with new nominations, as I see the two as unfit; on the other hand, there’s a chance for the two [proposed ministers] to see that they are not up to the task. I’ll wait until tomorrow. If Victor Ponta refuses to understand that a government cannot have as a budget minister a person who managed the Students’ Culture House, and a lady who does not understand Romanian well enough as a culture minister, I will have no choice but react tomorrow. In principle, yes,’ Basescu answered a question on the rejection of the two nominees.

The president added that the PM cannot repeat the same proposal, as a previous ruling of the Constitutional Court forbids it.

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