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November 25, 2020

Johannis: Cohabitation is a non-transparent political barter, cooperation is something completely different

Chairman of the newly established National Liberal Party Klaus Johannis said on Wednesday that as regards the President – Prime Minister relationship, he prefers cooperation to cohabitation, explaining that the latter represents ‘a political barter and the most non-transparent thing possible.”Cohabitation did not work because it was’t targeted at rendering public procedures transparent, at reforming the state or improving governance. Cohabitation is a barter, the least transparent thing possible, it’s the opposite to a policy of transparency and to a predictable, good, long-term rule. That’s why it didn’t work (…) If you have diverging opinions, you sit down until you find a political compromise, yet not a barter, but a conclusion that is reasonable for both parties,’ Johannis told the Adevarul Live online broadcaster.He added that, in his opinion, reforming the Romanian state is necessary, but under consideration of the benefits of the state’s regulatory role, as well as of the ‘natural tendency’ of the state to deviate to interventionism.’We cannot go for the idea of the minimalist state, just as we should not build on the idea of the all-powerful state either. (…) Under communism, we had the model of a totalitarian state and now, under the PSD rule, we feel the tendencies of a State-party that wants to get hold of as much as possible, relying rather on a policy of doling out welfare. We cannot consider the model of the interventionist state good, because it doesn’t work. The state must keep its role as a regulator (…) because stepping in as a regulator in certain markets is good for the population, the state and the market in question, but the natural tendency of a state is to overstep certain boundaries, come with a too controlling regulatory framework and veer into the interventionist area,’ explained the Liberal leader.

Johannis underscored that in order to avoid such a scenario, there is need for a responsible governing of the state: Government, President, justice, economy and business people.

‘Everyone must understand that things articulate if done in teamwork. Even if not all of us share the same opinion, we discuss, negotiate and agree on the best way to pursue. If you let just one to decide on everything, we end up in the State-party or the interventionist, or even totalitarian state. This is why it is very important that we reform the state. Not in order to make another state. It’s still our country, we want to have it good and Romania be prosperous and strong. But we need to render the game transparent and correct, that’s what the reform of the state consists of: ridding ourselves of the cliques, barons, effectively guarantee – not just recount – the independence of Justice and have a performing economy,’ he added.

At the same time, Johannis said that Romania needs a set of ‘few but good’ rules, making a point that ‘the Ponta Government changes a rule every two months’, which renders Romania little predictable for large-scale foreign investors.

I can hardly wait for the President to come with promised data on the candidates

National Liberal Party (PNL) Chairman Klaus Johannis on Wednesday admitted that he was eager to hear the disclosures announced a day before by the head of the state related to the things allegedly deeply buried in the CVs of the candidates to presidency, about which information the Liberal leader said that they are ‘very good and very welcome.’

‘I found those statements very good and very welcome. It is normal and natural in any country that most information be with the country’s president and if the President believes he has important data for the nation, as we are just about to enter the presidential campaign, I think it is only natural and desirable that he come out and say what he knows about the candidates,’ Johannis pointed out on Wednesday after the meeting of the leading council of the Christian Liberal Alliance.Johannis added that he read in a ‘different’ manner those statements of the President, ‘not as a threat, but as an announcement of the responsible President, Traian Basescu, who feels he has relevant data to share with the nation.’Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) Chairman Vasile Blaga in his turn said that if the President has such information, ‘he must reveal it, because, otherwise, it could be considered as elements of pressure on some people, which is not fair.”They and others should not worry about the course of the new PNL. Yesterday we filed the documents and this political construction goes forward. I know not many are glad about this, not many believed in it. There are not many who are glad that this political construction is on a healthy course, well thought from the beginning, based on trust – as one cannot build without trust – and they should not worry, not him, nor anyone else, we go forward,’ Blaga said.President Traian Basescu on Tuesday evening said that in the campaign for the presidential elections he would ‘publicly strip’ those candidates to the first office in state who have things buried in their CVs.


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