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October 28, 2020

Ponta: The presidential election is in November; I do not know why Johannis does not want it to be held

The PNL leader claimed on Monday that Government Emergency Ordinance 45/2014 and Government Decision 520/2014 had been challenged.

Prime Minister Victor Ponta said Monday in Targoviste that the presidential election is scheduled by law to he held this November, adding that he cannot see why national leader of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Klaus Johannis, a presidential candidate himself, ‘does not want us to held it.’

‘Last week, Mr Johannis in his capacity as a presidential candidate – I take it that he knew he will be a candidate ever since last week – asked me to no longer held the presidential election. I did not understand and I made public his letter to me. I do not know and I find it hard to understand what he meant by asking me to cancel the Government decision that set the date for the presidential election,’ said Ponta.

Upon the insistence of journalists that Johannis is calling for a postponement, Ponta answered that the election, according to the law, is to be held one month before the presidential term in office expires.

‘There is no mention of until when the postponement should be. There is only mention of the election no longer being held in November. But, the relevant law, which was not modified in a long time, is a good law. The law concerning the election of the President of Romania states very clearly that the presidential election shall be held one month before the expiration of the presidential term in office. Mr Basescu’s term in office, by a historical coincidence, ends on a December 22, the same as the term of comrade Nicolae Ceausescu did. So, the previous month is November,’ said Ponta.

He added that the election day was established under a decision of the Government when PNL’s presidential candidate would be Crin Antonescu, but replacing the PNL candidate cannot generate any change in the election date.

‘The decision of the Government under which November 2 and 16 were set was issued a long way back, and if my memory serves me right I announced the November 2 and 16 dates together with then then presidential candidate of PNL Crin Antonescu. The fact that Mr Antonescu is no longer a candidate, that Mr Johannis replaced him, is no longer reason to change things. We will have an election that complies with European legislation and practice in the month previous to the expiration of the term in office, and I do not know why Mr Johannis wants us to no longer hold it. You should ask him yourselves,’ said Ponta.

Klaus Johannis on Monday claimed that Government Emergency Ordinance (OUG) 45/2014 and Government Decision (HG) 520/2014 concerning the date for the presidential election had been challenged because they both create an advantage for Victor Ponta.

Dragnea: We won’t change the presidential elections date

The executive chairman of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), deputy prime minister Liviu Dragnea on Monday has qualified as ‘not serious’ the demand from the National Liberal Party (PNL) leader Klaus Johannis regarding the modification of the coming presidential elections’ day.

‘We try to see the real motivations, because in general it is not a serious letter. (…) We find it a frivolous demand, because there is a Government Decision which complies with the legal provisions that say the elections could be organized no earlier than the previous month of the month the current president’s mandate runs out’, Dragnea said ahead of a meeting with the PSD county organizations’ leaders.

According to Dragnea, the dates of November 2 and 16, respectively would be the best to call the Romanians to cast their vote, and the elections will be organized correctly.

‘Should we stage the elections on November 2 and 16, according to Mr. Johannis, there may be fraud and should we stage them in December there couldn’t be fraud? No. The elections will be organized correctly, as they were in the past two years. As regards the election’s day, I believe that it is better for the citizens too. I don’t find it correct, honest on behalf of the Government to call the Romanians to vote through the snowdrifts. When would they come to vote? On Christmas Day? I believe that November 2 an 16 are two very good dates, with equal chances for all the candidates. Mr. Johannis should prepare himself for his campaign and tell the Romanians what he wishes to do’, the PSD leader said.


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