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February 5, 2023

Vasile Blaga, named campaign manager of Klaus Johannis, assures Ponta that Traian Basescu won’t run for president

Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) leader Vasile Blaga, co-chairman of the Christian Liberal Alliance (ACL), was designated campaign manager for the 2014 presidential campaign of Klaus Johannis, ACL’s presidential candidate.

The announcement was made by National Liberal Party (PNL) chairman Johannis on Tuesday at the PDL headquarters in Bucharest, where the ACL leadership is holding talks about the campaign strategy.

PDL leader Vasile Blaga said he gladly accepted the proposal to lead the election campaign of Johannis, but he also stressed it is not an easy task. The campaign team is under construction, Blaga said.

Vasile Blaga declared that the day for the launch of ACL’s presidential candidate is to be made public, with the event to be marked through an election rally in Bucharest.

The event could be held on Sept. 27 in the Revolution Square in Bucharest, Blaga said.

Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) Chairman and Christian Liberal Alliance (ACL) Co-Chairman Vasile Blaga on Tuesday claimed that Prime Minister Victor Ponta is trying, through ‘desperate gestures,’ to get on Traian Basescu, despite the fact that the incumbent head of state is not running in the presidential elections this year.

‘Mr Ponta makes desperate gestures to get on Traian Basescu, in the same manner he did during the elections to the European Parliament. Traian Basescu is not running for president. Mr Ponta can rest assured from this point of view,’ the PDL Chairman said, referring to the statements of Prime Minister Victor Ponta, according to which Klaus Johannis was following in Traian Basescu’s footsteps, choosing Blaga as head of the presidential election campaign.

Asked if he was going to use elements from the campaign he conducted for Traian Basescu, when the latter became president back in 2004, in the campaign he will cordinate this autumn for Klaus Johannis, Blaga said that any election campaign comes with its own particularities.

The PDL Chairman on Tuesday attended the first meeting of the ACL executive leadership within which they agreed on the first organisation measures concerning Klaus Johannis’ election campaign this autumn.

Ludovic Orban: ACL county co-chairs to head Johannis’s presidential campaign

The executive leadership of the Christian Liberal Alliance (ACL) decided on Tuesday, in its first meeting dedicated to the presidential campaign, that ACL county co-chairs shall act as campaign heads and the campaign slogans shall be devised following detailed sociological research.

‘We obviously made some organizational decisions, like the structure of the core campaign team and the structure of the county campaign teams. We basically agreed on the composition of the core campaign team. It isn’t yet finalised, but it will be made public as soon as it is completed,’ said vice-chairman of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Ludovic Orban.

Orban added that the meeting also established ‘a standard structure of the campaign at county level and that the campaign shall be headed by the county co-chairs of the enlarged Liberal Party and of the Christian Liberal Alliance we are running with.’

‘We also discussed a series of measures that envisage the signature-collecting campaign in support of our presidential candidate,’ said the PNL deputy chairman.

Ludovic Orban said that the calendar of the local political events where Klaus Johannis is to participate in the following period has not yet been established.

‘We set the system in place according to which we will organize the agenda of the events,’ said the PNL deputy chairman.

Asked if the slogan of Klaus Johannis’s campaign has been established, Orban said that the decision will be made following detailed sociological research.

‘The campaign slogan or slogans will be worded after we conduct a body of sociological research, more in-depth than the already performed opinion polls; this involves in-depth quantitative research plus a lot of qualitative research. We want to adjust our message to the public and, in particular, our political action to the expectations of the population,’ said the PNL deputy chairman.

The PNL official attended on Tuesday the first session of the ACL executive leadership that decided on the first organizational measures of Klaus Johannis’s presidential campaign.


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