GfK Temax: Value of Romanian market of durable goods reaches EUR 420 M in Q2

The durable goods market reached 420 million euros in Romania in the second quarter of 2014, increasing 17 per cent from the same period of last year, the best sales performance having been registered on the Telecom segment, show the results of GfK Temax report, released on Monday.

While all durable goods segments registered increases in sales, a negative trend was registered in the photo sector, which slid over 18 per cent in the analysed interval, down to 7 million euros, by 2 million euros less than in the same period of 2013.

According to the GFK Temax report, in the Telecom section, the unsubsidised sales of smartphones and classic mobile phones exceeded by 29 per cent the performance of Q2 2013, up to the level of 128 million euros. Moreover, in the smartphone category the growth trend was maintained for phones with 4 or 5 inch displays. On the other hand, the very large mobile terminals (5.6 – 7 inches) had a low and stable market share compared with the same period of last year, while the products allowing 4G connections or incorporating a 12MP camera increased in sales.

In the case of the electronics category, a 27 per cent advance was registered in the second quarter of this year, to 67 million euros. The TV sets sales largely contributed to this positive result together with other products, such as game consoles or audio devices.

The cited report reveals that an almost 13 per cent sale increase was registered in the sector of small appliances, accounting for 27 million euros. In fact, almost all categories registered two-figure growth rates, but the categories that brought a significant contribution to this trend were the hair dryers and the juicers. In addition, the main products that generated advances in sales within the category of kitchen appliances were the most expensive ones: automatic espresso machines, food processors and juicers.


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