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March 29, 2023

PMP’s Udrea: Any party has to pick the candidate that can score the highest

National leader of the People’s Movement Party (PMP) Elena Udrea said Tuesday evening that any party is under an obligation to pick for an election the candidate that can score the highest. She added that following an analysis of the situation of PMP’s initial presidential candidate Cristian Diaconescu, the party decided that a person was needed that could better mobilise the party.

‘We all endorsed Diaconescu, and I suggested him as a candidate myself. Any party has to pick the candidate that can score the highest. Over the course of this summer, analysing the way in which PMP can achieve its stage objectives, discussing with the local leaders how the campaign is going on and what emulation, what energy the candidate generates among his party colleagues and voters, we concluded that it would be better if we came up with a candidate who could mobilise the party more efficiently, who can provide that energy PMP needs. The national leader of the party was considered to be that candidate,’ Udrea told RealitateaTV private broadcaster.

She added that the party needed a candidate to win as many votes cast for Traian Basescu as possible, all the votes for PMP and extra voters.

Asked about who the extra voters are, Udrea mentioned young people and women.

‘We were and still are the party in blue jeans, the party that addresses the young people in a credible way. I will continue my offering for the young voters, and I am also convinced that very many women will find in my candidature an opportunity to show up and vote for a woman, because it has been a long time since we keep debating whether or not a woman can win the presidential election in Romania. I believe this is the moment when very many women already feel the need to put an end to such false dilemma,’ said Udrea.

Mentioning the endorsement from President Traian Basescu, she said she will have a conversation with the President on this matter in the days to come.


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