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March 1, 2021

EC Representation head: Brussels’ biggest concern about Romania regards corruption

Head of the European Commission Representation in Romania, Angela Filote said in a press conference on Friday in Alba Iulia (central Romania) that the biggest concern of Brussels about Romania regards corruption, which is ‘widespread at very high level as well’.

‘Brussels’ biggest concern about Romania regards corruption. Because it is a phenomenon that weakens the whole society, the whole economy. If not stopped, it may turn into a plague that afflicts the whole country,’ Angela Filote said.

She stressed that the problem of corruption in Romania is a major concern of Brussels.

‘Yes, it is our major concern. That’s why we set up a cooperation and verification mechanism, in fact, with Romania’s consent, and this was the reason we offered expertise and technical assistance and funding so that corruption may be fought effectively. This is our biggest concern,’ Filote concluded.


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