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February 8, 2023

PSD’s Dragnea accuses Johannis of hypocrisy in regards to law on local elected officials

PSD (Social Democratic Party) executive chairman, Deputy Prime Minister Liviu Dragnea, on Monday told a press conference in Baia Mare (northwestern Romania) that PNL (National Liberal Party) leader Klaus Johannis is guilty of ‘hypocrisy’ in regards to the law that would allow local elected officials to change the party they want to be part of, given that he was elected to the Sibiu City Hall on the lists of the Democratic Forum of Germans and later migrated to the Liberals (National Liberal Party; PNL).

‘All that Mr. Johannis says interests me, since he wishes to be Romania’s President. Honestly, I couldn’t believe that this man has enough hypocrisy to accuse a draft law that would give local elected officials the possibility to do exactly the same as he did. Mr. Johannis ran in 2012 for the Sibiu City Hall on the list of the Democratic Forum of Germans and migrated to the PNL. Beyond that, Mr. Johannis is in a case of political bigamy unique to Romania: He is the president of the PNL and is still a member of the Democratic Forum of Germans’, said Dragnea, Minister of Regional Development and Public Administration.

On the other hand, the Deputy PM has stated that a law is needed to allow local elected officials running on the USL tickets to express their political options in order to allow the functioning of the local administration.

‘It is necessary for us as a responsible Government to regulate as quickly as possible this chaos the Romanian local administrations are about to be thrown into. More and more mayors have publicly come out in conferences and have expressed their support for a different political party. We cannot hope in these conditions, perpetuating this muddled situation, this confusion in the local administration, to start 2015 with an administration capable of absorbing European funds in the new financial exercise, to continue the local development programmes that the Government has been financing and will continue to finance’, said the Executive Chairman of PSD. He emphasized that the functioning of local authorities should not be disrupted by the newly created Christian Liberal Alliance (ACL; formed by PNL and the Democratic Liberal Party PDL).

PNL chairman Klaus Johannis has stated that adoption by the Government of an emergency ordinance to approve the ‘political migration’ of mayors would be a ‘huge error’.

The Liberal leader has characterised similarly an eventual adoption of the law regarding amnesty and pardons, Johannis claiming that this is a law that many in the PSD want. ‘It would be a huge error if the Ponta Government were to issue the ordinance that would approve political migration of mayors, as would be the law of amnesty and pardons that many in PSD want. I am totally against such facilitations. We must end political migration once and for all, we must make politics for Romania, for Romanians, for economy, and not for the occult interest groups inside the parties’, said the PNL Chairman on Sunday in a Facebook post.


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