PDL’s Macovei: They all want to take away other parties’ mayors when at rule

MEP Monica Macovei is asking the Government not to promote an emergency ordinance under which political migration along with ‘the blackmail to which mayors are subjected to by all the political parties that are in power at one time or another’ would be legalised.

‘Political parties have been steeling each other’s mayors for years. The entire political class is the same and they all do the same when they are at rule. They want to take mayors away from somewhere else. And that has to stop, because mayors are elected to work for communities. Why are mayors prone to being blackmailed? Because they do not have money and are obliged to beg for money from the Government and county barons,’ Macovei said Tuesday in a press release

She believes mayors have turned into expendables for political parties.

‘Mayors have been given tasks and powers but no money, and they are expendables for political parties. The vote of the citizens is vitiated because people are made to vote for party X or else the mayor and the communities will not get a penny from the centre,’ independent presidential candidate Macovei explained.

She argued there are solutions to overcome the situation and put an end to the blackmail to which elected public office holders are subjected.

‘If we achieve real decentralisation and let mayoralties manage the money of communities, mayors will no longer have to humiliate themselves before politicians from a central level,’ said Macovei.


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