PM Ponta: The only presidential candidate I am afraid of is myself

PM Victor Ponta says that he is not afraid of any presidential candidate but himself, meaning he might make big errors during the campaign.

‘It’s myself I must fear most, that is making really big mistakes,’ he said on Monday night at ‘Romania TV’ station.

‘I have learned from everyone’s experience. I have also been in the campaign of Mr. [former PM and presidential candidate Adrian Nastase and in the campaign of Mr. [former foreign minister and presidential candidate Mircea] Geoana. For the rest, I think I have already answered that, surely the most difficult opponent for me would have been Crin Antonescu [former leader of Liberals and political ally of Ponta]. Anyone who makes it to the second round will be a strong candidate, as they would try to mobilize negative votes.’

Ponta explained that his advantage on other candidates is his constant presence in media and being a target of political opponents over the past 14 years.

‘I have been controlled by the ANI (National Integrity Agency), political incompatibilities and wealth watchdog] and by all the institutions. (…) There’s nothing left [unrevealed] about me since I was born, I don’t know, since first grade up to date, good or bad. I cross my heart,’ he added.


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