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February 25, 2021

FM Corlatean: Latest developments in Ukraine require CSAT response and assessment

Minister of Foreign Affairs Titus Corlatean said on Thursday that the latest developments in Ukraine would require a response and an assessment by Romania’s Supreme Council of National Defence (CSAT).

‘This is the President’s prerogative (…) and it would be appropriate for the Presidency to call a CSAT meeting. What is for sure is that as things evolve, even if there is no direct security risk to Romania, developments are heading in the wrong direction. I think the situation is serious enough and tomorrow, at the meeting of the EU Foreign Ministers called by the Italian Presidency, we will discuss the state of play. I believe that a response and an assessment by the national institution in charge of the country’s security, CSAT, would be mandatory,’ the Romanian Foreign Minister told a press conference delivered jointly with his Moldovan and Georgian counterparts.

Titus Corlatean explained that all data available so far need to be carefully examined, but that the situation in Ukraine appears to be ‘extremely serious.’

‘The situation seems extremely serious and is not moving in the direction we had hoped for, and for which we had pressed in very firm terms at EU and NATO level, specifically real, concrete and honest action by Russia, in the first place to stop all military support to separatists and, on the other hand, to de-escalate tensions. But things are not going in the desired direction,’ stressed the Romanian chief diplomat.

At the same time, Corlatean expressed ‘extreme concern’ of the Romanian authorities about the latest developments in Ukraine.

‘I will only cite the official Ukrainian channel, President Poroshenko, and the reaction of EU members with representatives in the Security Council to the announcements made today about a Russian invasion. There are reports about the presence of thousands of Russian citizens who are fighting in eastern Ukraine, about the continuing Russian military support, contrary to the requirements expressed by the EU and NATO, so we have every reason not to budge one inch from our firm position we want to be consistently shared at EU and NATO level as to the required sanctions regime,’ said Foreign Minister Titus Corlatean.


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