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February 27, 2021

FMP’s Diaconescu: People’s Movement Foundation will support Elena Udrea in the presidential race

Chairman of the People’s Movement Foundation (FMP) Cristian Diaconescu has announced on Thursday that the foundation will endorse the candidacy of People’s Movement Party (PMP) chairman Elena Udrea in the upcoming presidential elections.

‘In order for a consistent political attitude, it is normal that we subordinate our projects. Thus, the People’s Movement Foundation, of which I am chairman, will support PMP candidate Elena Udrea in her endeavor and in this candidacy. It is an announcement that is as natural as possible, as normal as possible, because in a particularly complicated political moment solidarity between candidates, between political forces must prevail despite personal agendas’, said Diaconescu, at a joint press conference held together with Elena Udrea at the People’s Movement Foundation headquarters.

He mentioned that previously he has announced his candidacy as an independent, but it would have been a ‘true adventure’ with us splitting the electorate like that.

‘As you well know, the PMP has Elena Udrea as its endorsee for the Presidency of Romania. I am the chairman of the People’s Movement Foundation and I previously announced my candidacy as independent. However, given the extremely complicated internal situation, the same as the international situation in fact, I believe that at this point it is more to have, while speaking in political terms, an attitude of solidarity, and I believe, furthermore, that the project of President Traian Basescu regarding the way in which the Romanian state based on powerful institutions may become a modern state must be encouraged and supported both by the People’s Movement Foundation and the PMP. (…) It would’ve been too much of an adventure on my part to try splitting the electorate like that’, said Diaconescu.

Elena Udrea thanked Cristian Diaconescu for his gesture, showing that with this announcement he has proven that he is a true statesman.

‘Mr. Cristian Diaconescu is a true statesman. He is a partner, we were partners before and I believe that from this moment on my candidacy to the Presidency of Romania gains even more consistency. (…) I wish that Mr. Diaconescu be not only a supporter from Bucharest, but be by my side in this campaign. (…) He is not only a statesman, he is also a strong man for joining a woman in this competition’, said the PMP chairman.


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