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For outstanding yet affordable medical treatment in a country with great climate, fantastic infrastructure and delicious halal food, Malaysia is the place to go for healthcare travel. With its internationally trained doctors, modern medical facilities and competitive pricing, Malaysia has gained recognition as one of the healthcare travel destinations of choice.

Previously known as the “Hidden Jewel in Healthcare”, it has now gained the reputation as one of Asia’s medical tourism destinations of choice. One of Malaysia’s edges is the fact that medical tourism is backed by the government under the Ministry of Health thus ensuring quality of care, medical providers and the professionalism of specialists are confirmed at all times.

“Malaysia ranked no. 3 worldwide for its healthcare system”,  – International Living-2014 Global Retirement Index


Historically, healthcare in Malaysia has undergone radical transformations. In the earlier pre-colonial days, medical care was confined to traditional remedies practiced among local populations of Malays, Chinese and other ethnic groups. The advent of colonialism brought western medical practice into the country. Since the country’s independence in August 1957, the system of medical care has been transforming gradually to meet the medical needs of today.


Healthcare in Malaysia under the responsibility of the government’s Ministry of Health has an efficient and widespread system, operating a two-tier healthcare system consisting of both a government-run universal healthcare system and a co-existing private healthcare system.


Now, more and more of our private hospitals offer expertise in medical fields such as cardiology, oncology, gastroenterology, fertility treatment, bariatric surgery, orthopaedics, dental, and ophthalmology, neurology, cosmetics and aesthetics procedures to even performing minimally invasive surgeries. Apart from being regulated by the Ministry of Health, in most cases these hospitals have achieved certification for internationally recognised quality standards and accreditation.


As such, with well qualified and Western trained medical professionals providing reliable, safe and effective treatments in comfortable surroundings with ease of access and affordable prices, Malaysia has certainly become a leading choice for foreign patients seeking healthcare treatment abroad. Our healthcare industry has certainly taken a leap forward.

Malaysian Advantage IN HEALTHCARE TRAVEL

Supportive Government, Well Regulated and Quality Care

Malaysia is proud to be amongst one of the only countries within the region where medical tourism is promoted by the government. Hence, medical travellers can have the assurance of quality care and be guided by the regulation, safety standards and the governing laws within this industry.

Highly Qualified and Experienced Medical Professionals

Our skilled medical specialists are mainly trained in various medical disciplines and are qualified from some of the esteemed medical institutions in the world namely from Australia, UK and the USA. English is widely spoken amongst these medical professionals.

Competitive Pricing

Malaysia offers quality service with very compatible pricing. Malaysia’s healthcare service comes as a relief to patients from all over the globe. With its favourable exchange rate, well regulated and single–tiered pricing, you spend lesser than what you would have in order to undergo the same medical treatment in some of the other countries.

Multi-Cultured Society Offering Great Hospitality

The biggest advantage in Malaysia is perhaps the fact that the hospital caregivers speak English fluently and the availability of translators upon early request thus facilitating proper communication and interaction between the patients and doctors. Additionally, Malaysia offers an abundant array of “halal” food for Muslim patients anytime of the day. All private healthcare facilities serve only “halal” food and prayer facilities are made available at the hospitals, hotels and even at shopping areas.

Popular Niche Services

Most of the healthcare facilities in Malaysia offer secondary, tertiary and specialised care. Some of the niche treatments most sought after in Malaysia is in the field of cardiology, cancer, orthopaedic, gastroenterology, bariatric surgery and fertility treatment.


Aftercare and Wellness Centres

Malaysia offers abundant “aftercare” and wellness centres to help the patient recuperate and recover in a caring, friendly, well-equipped yet affordable rehabilitation and wellness centres. In its 2013 Global Retirement Index, International Living ranked Malaysia as the third (3rd) best country to retire in the world.

Direct Services

Medical travel touch points

MHTC Call Centre

The MHTC Call Centre contactable at 1-800 188 688 (within Malaysia) or at + 603 272 68 688 (outside Malaysia) was set up to handle all medical travel enquiries. The MHTC Call Centre operates from Mondays to Fridays from 9.00am to 6.00pm Malaysian time supporting calls in the English, Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa Indonesia and Mandarin languages. It also supports e-mail enquiries in Arabic, Japanese, Bengali, English, Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa Indonesia and Mandarin.


MHTC Concierge & Lounge

The MHTC Concierge which is also integrated with the MHTC’s Call Centre is a one-stop-centre that provides medical travellers with easy access to all the information needed in order to have a comfortable and fruitful stay in Malaysia. Thus, the MHTC Concierge has been setup at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport Arrival Hall (Gate 5) and the Penang International Airport for the purpose of:

  • Disseminating healthcare services information; and
  • Facilitating information about transport, accommodation and travel in Malaysia


A team of dedicated personnel will assist with information that caters to each health traveller’s needs from hospitals and treatment centers to certified doctors, treatment available, accommodation and all other medical travel needs.


MHTC Lounge

The MHTC Lounge was setup at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport Arrival Hall (Gate 8) and the Penang International Airport to compliment the MHTC Concierge by way of facilitating a health tourist’s arrival in Malaysia the moment he or she touches down at our airport. Thus, if you are visiting Malaysia as a health tourist, you may have a rest at the MHTC Lounge while waiting for the arrangement and / or pick-up service from the respective medical providers.


Interactive Websites

(Prospective) medical tourists can obtain information on seeking healthcare in Malaysia including medical treatment, accommodation and travel at 3 websites:

www.medicaltourism.com.my | www.mhtc.org.my | www.healthtravelexpo.com


MHTC Social Media Sites

Facebook:        www.facebook.com/mhtcmalaysia

Twitter: https://twitter.com/mhtcmalaysia

You Tube:        www.youtube.com/user/mhtcmalaysia


Lots to See and Do

Malaysia too offers lots of fabulous sightseeing activities. Tourists can have a taste the mixed cultures between Malay, Chinese and Indian and experience the unique Malaysian culture.


Recent Awards and Rankings

Malaysian private hospitals bagged 3 out of 9 awards presented during the inaugural IMTJ Medical Travel Awards 2014 held in Dubai in March this year. The awards won are in these categories:

1.         International Hospital of the Year – by Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur

2.         International Dental Clinic of the Year – by Imperial Dental Specialist Clinic

3.         International Infertility Clinic of the Year – by Prince Court Medical Centre


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