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October 6, 2022

Opposition alliance to file censure motion on alleged government attempt of election fraud

The Christian Liberal Alliance (ACL, Opposition, made up of National Liberal Party – PNL and Democratic Liberal Party – PDL) will file a censure motion on alleged government attempts of preparing an electoral fraud, ACL co-chair and presidential candidate Klaus Iohannis announced on Monday.

‘We have very clearly established the main theme of the censure motion. We have considered that the most worrisome complex of topics nowadays is resulting from the attempts of [PM] Ponta’s Cabinet of preparing a possible fraud of the elections – the OUG (Government Emergency Ordinance) 45 on the preparation of elections, the OUG on the legalization of political migration in local public administrations. All these steps should be penalized, and the censure motion to be prepared by our experts in the coming days will focus on this area,’ PNL head Iohannis said in a joint press conference with PDL leader and ACL co-chair Vasile Blaga.He stressed that ACL’s parliamentary groups want to ‘stop the abuses of PSD [ruling Social Democratic Party] and of Ponta’s Government in a very sensitive field.”The initiators said it’s an extremely urgent matter to be settled now; well, they have discussed it in the government on Thursday, now it’s Monday and they haven’t published anything. It is at least strange, and we suspect that something’s fishy there, otherwise they could have published the OUG on Thursday evening, like they did on other occasions, when ordinances were published that were not even fully discussed, and they appeared in the Official Journal. We suspect that the government is taking some secret steps, and we want to know about it,’ said Iohannis. Blaga mentioned that the date when this censure motion will be filed has not been decided yet.

‘Let’s first see its final form in the Official Journal, as we don’t know how to call it anymore, and I understand that they have discussed again the OUG; then we will clearly set a schedule,’ he explained.


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