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May 16, 2021

Monica Macovei steps out of PDL

Blaga: Macovei’s resignation is not a surprise; I don’t regret PDL supporting her.

Macovei, who announced her candidacy for the Presidency as independent, stated on Tuesday within a press conference that she leaves PDL. “Many of PDL’s decisions of induced confusion in the party. I didn’t understand why this party cannot have its own presidential candidate,” said Macovei, according to whom Klaus Johannis didn’t prove that is representing the right, that he defends the rule of law and that he aims towards anticorruption.
“I’m not enrolling in any other political party. I will run independently for the position of Romania’s president being convinced that the Romanians deserve a president of their own,” said Monica Macovei.
“Today I quit PDL and this is not a hasty gesture. I reflected on this decision, what happens today in PDL is wrong and this is why I decided to resign,” added Macovei.
She also stated that PDL woke up with a candidate who is not of its own and had no vision for Romania, it doesn’t know where to lead Romania, it never had as priority the rule of law and did not engaged in supporting the fight against corruption.
“During the recent past years, Mr. Johannis has made agreements both with Ponta and Voiculescu, we all know that he is called premier Grivco, being proposed by Ponta and Voiculescu to be the prime minister of Romania, this does not show us that he believes in the rule of law and in the fight against corruption,” said Macovei.
Macovei said that many of PDL’s members have asked why they are required a candidate who was against PDL when the rule of law was being violated and showed that she has asked herself the same question and found no answer .
Macovei said that she is one of the advocates of the right unity, but only after PNL will clarify why the “Black Tuesday” voted for superimmunity, why it voted to reduce the powers of the Constitutional Court in 2012.
Macovei added that of all the candidates she is the only one who can maintain Romania’s relations with the Occident, the United States and NATO: “An independent president presents the guarantee that Romania is going West, that Romania stays in NATO and that the political models are not in China nor in Russia, as Ponta is trying to induce. (…) Of all the candidates I’m the only one who can maintain Romania-West relation, the relations with the United States, the most important state in NATO. I have proved so. I’m the only one who fought against corruption and for the United States this is important.”
She also said that she is not supported by a machine-party and this makes her different from other candidates. As for collecting signatures for her candidacy as president, Macovei said that she trusts she will gather the required number: “The signatures are gathered from all over the country, lots of signatures are being received on a daily basis. I have faith that we will gather the reuired number of signatures.”
As a reaction to Macovei’s resignition, PDL president Vasile Blaga stated that he regrets nothing of what he proposed to the party for supporting her and that Romanians will further see and seize. Blaga added that “is not a surprise to anyone” that Macovei resigned from PDL.

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