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December 1, 2022

Enel Distributie Muntenia completed modernization of Titan and Toporasi substations

These units supply electricity to the South and East areas of Bucharest.

Enel Distributie Muntenia has recently completed modernization works on two substations (high/medium voltage) in the South and East areas of Bucharest, which supply electricity to approximately 65,000 consumers. The modernization works required an investment worth RON 38.9 million (EUR 8.8 million).
The Titan 110/10/6 kV substation started operations in 1937, and was initially supplying power at a voltage of 6 kV (medium voltage), through the 110/6 kV substations. In the ‘70-‘80s an improvement of the electric network was performed, transferring a large part of the electric network from 6 kV to 10 kV. At that time the primary equipment of high voltage (110 kV) was also replaced. This substation supplies electricity to more than 25.000 customers through the medium and low voltage network in the Eastern area of Bucharest and in Pantelimon locality. Currently, the substation has an installed capacity of 80 MVA (Mega Volt Ampere).
The 110/10 kV Toporasi substation has started operations in 1976. This substation serves more than 40.000 customers in the South area of Bucharest, through the medium and low voltage network. The substation currently has an installed capacity of 100 MVA.
The modernization works at the two substations started in 2012 and had been recently finalized. The power transformers have been replaced with new ones, and all cells of high and medium voltage, as well as the afferent protection support, had been upgraded with high-performance equipment, integrated in the Telecontrol system, which allows a prompt identification of the flaws in the system, as well as solving the damage by using remote commands.
“These investments represent another step forward into our extensive power grid modernization program, aimed at improving services provided. The modernization works will bring our customers extra degree of comfort, as they considerably decrease the power failure duration due to the state-of-the art equipment installed,” Giuseppe Fanizzi, General Director of Enel Distributie said.
The implementation of the Telecontrol program in Bucharest, Ilfov and Giurgiu began in 2009. 45 primary substations are already completely modernized in order to allow remote control. Other four primary substations are in the finalization process. The program will continue in the following years, until all Enel Distributie Muntenia primary stations, over 55 stations, will be fully modernized and remotely controlled.
One of the main benefits of the Telecontrol system is that it allows Enel technicians to perform almost instantly energy refueling maneuvers in case of blackouts affecting large areas. Hence, instead of sending on field a team of technicians to investigate the damage which requires time, the Telecontrol system allows a much faster identification of the affected area and handling remotely energy refueling for customers. Additionally, the Telecontrol system represents the first step towards smart grid, allowing, together with the smart meter, a digital connection between the meter and the control system, thus offering multiple benefits to customers.
The project is part of a large investments program initiated by Enel in Romania aimed at improving the quality of services provided to customers, upgrading the network and implementing locally the environmental standards of Enel Group.

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