Romania, number 67 in top most appreciated world destinations

Romania is number 67 in the top most appreciated destinations recommended by tourists worldwide, number one being Costa Rica, according to The Global Tourism Monitor survey conducted by Mercury Research and Global Market Research. The survey was done in the first half of this year, on a sample group of 23,116 respondents from 26 countries in Europe, America, Asia-Pacific, Africa and Middle East and presents information on 84 holiday destinations. The ranking of the most appreciated tourist destinations were put together based on the tourists’ experience and the degree to which they would recommend the country to potential visitors. Costa Rica obtained the highest score at a world level – 63. Tunisia got the lowest score – (-7). In Europe, the leader of the ranking is Austria (58), number two is Italy (56), number three – Croatia (54), the next ranked being Norway (53), Greece (52) and Great Britain (52).  Romania is ranked number 67, with a score of 26. In the last 12 months, only 1 per cent of foreigners have seen holiday offers or other promotional material on Romania.  On the other hand, the destinations Romanians could most often find in the offer of operators are Greece (49 per cent), Turkey (38 per cent) or Bulgaria (36 per cent).

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