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February 28, 2021

Tariceanu proposes new impeachment of President Basescu

No party has expressed its support for the project as yet.

Senate Speaker Calin Popescu Tariceanu (photo) is proposing a third impeachment attempt at President Traian Basescu, also suggesting a time-table with the impeachment around 23 September and the dismissal referendum on November 2, the date of the first round of the presidential election. The opposition leaders do not support his undertaking and PSD has not had any reaction so far. As for the president, he thinks this is happening now because he is getting ready for the election campaign. ‘I am joining the campaign and they will not have an easy life. You should know that, in campaign, I have a huge revitalisation capacity’, Basescu said during his press conference in Newport, after the NATO Summit, on Thursday, answering a question about the impeachment intention. Later on, Saturday night in Sannicolau Mare, having been asked about the impeachment again, Basescu avoided a direct answer, just saying that, for ten years he had been fighting with the system Ion Iliescu had protected and which defeated Emil Constantinescu, adding that he had managed to force the system to subdue.
According to Tariceanu, the new initiative follows ‘recent and notorious political events’ which became ‘unequivocal official warnings against the anti-constitutional conduct of the President of Romania’. ‘The direct action, unfolding under the aegis of the presidential institution, with the President of the European Commission is an attempt at defeating and annulling the decision of the Government concerning the representation of Romania on the European Commission and, therefore, a serious violation of Constitution by overstepping the boundaries of presidential competence. The Government of Romania is, under the legislation in force, the only public authority who has the right to negotiate Romania’s portfolio and to propose the person who will become European commissioner. (…) Secondly, by his public and unequivocal support for the letters written to European Commissioner President Jean-Claude Juncker and EPP group President Joseph Daul by party Presidents Vasile Blaga and Klaus Iohannis, the President of Romania abandoned his role as a mediator and, again, took a profoundly partisan position, outside the constitutional provisions’, Tariceanu further said. He said he was convinced that other parties and MPs would support his new action.
However, no one else has so far expressed their support for the project of the head of the Senate. Christian-Liberal Alliance leaders Klaus Iohannis and Vasile Blaga said in Poiana Brasov, on Saturday, that the proposal to impeach President Traian Basescu made by Calin Popescu-Tariceanu was a ‘smoke bomb‘  meant to distract the voters from PSD and its allies’ ‘failures’. ‘For now, all we have seen is a kind of smoke bomb dropped by Mr. Tariceanu. He should submit the paperwork (for impeachment – our note) and then we can talk about it’, said PNL leader Klaus Iohannis, ACL’s candidate for president. PDL leader Vasile Blaga, in turn, noted that the president impeachment was ‘an absolutely false theme’ launched to ‘draw the wool over Romanians’ eyes’. ‘I think Mr. Tariceanu and Mr. Ponta have an agreement. They raise this absolutely false theme in order to draw the wool of the eyes of Romanians, to prevent us from discussing what Ponta does, the anticipated lack of success with the new European commissioner, economic recession, lack of jobs (…). This debate does not interest us and this debate does not exist’, Blaga said. PNL Vice-President Ludovic Orban said Tariceanu’s proposal was ‘nonsense’, a ‘constitutional aberration’ and ‘an immense stupidity’. ‘How can one impeach a president who completes his term before the year end, who will be in office until December 22 at most?’ Orban asks.
PMP’s candidate for president Elena Udrea said that Tariceanu’s action was irresponsible and would ‘definitely be out of the running’. The independent candidate for president, Monica Macovei, told a press conference on Sunday that Victor Ponta, Calin Popescu Tariceanu and the UDMR leaders ‘president Moscow’s tune’, launching themes regarding the impeachment of the president and the project for the autonomy of the Szekely County, respectively.
UDMR Secretary General Kovacs Peter told Agerpres on Saturday that the representatives of the Union had learnt about the initiative from the press and thought the action was pointless. Kovacs Peter added the initiative was part of the election campaign and UDMR was not going to join useless political games like that.
PM Victor Ponta’s adviser on legal and minorities matters Gyorgy Frunda also says the proposal to impeach the president made by Calin Popescu Tariceanu ‘is not a smart idea’, because such thing would only turn Traian Basescu into a ‘victim’ and bring votes ‘into his electoral array’.

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