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January 17, 2021

ACL announces no-confidence vote on local official migration ordinance

PDL leader Vasile Blaga urges Ponta Government to publish the full list of documents based on which funds have been allocated to localities in the country.

PDL President Vasile Blaga announced yesterday, after the ACL meeting, that the PNL and PDL MPs would introduce at the end of the week a motion of no-confidence against the Ponta Government, with the main subject the emergency ordinance no. 5/2014 on the migration of locally elected officials. ‘At the end of the week, we will introduce a no-confidence motion against the Government regarding the abuse the emergency ordinance favouring political migration has allows. We will also introduce two simple motions: one regarding education, at the Senate, and one regarding taxation, at the Chamber of Deputies’ Blaga said.
He called upon the Ponta Government to publish the full list of documents based on which funding had been allocated to various localities in the country. ‘They must publish the list of allocations so that the public can see how mayors are being bought, where they manage to buy them, by allocating them amounts ranging from ROL 10 bn to EUR 10 M, according to the size of the locality’, Blaga also noted.
According to the Constitution, the no-confidence motion may be introduced by at least one quarter of the total number of MPs. A no-confidence motion is adopted by the majority of deputies and senators. Out of the total of 575 MP, the PNL and PDL groups now have 186 MPs.
ACL pickets the Ombudsman
Approximately 50 young members of the Christian-Liberal Alliance protested in front of the Ombudsman’s headquarter yesterday, urging Victor Ciorbea to alert the Constitutional Court about the emergency ordinance that permits mayors and local councillors to change party.   The young Liberals were wearing T-shirts with inscriptions reading ‘Ponta robs the election’ and chanted ‘Ciorbea, do not sleep, a new day ahs begun!’ and ‘I have honour, I am not for sale!’.

PNL Vice-President Ludovic Orban said he hoped Victor Ciorbea would decide against the ordinance allowing political migration or ACL would picket the headquarters of the Ombudsman every day the act would remain in force. He noted that ACL had fled a contentious action with the Court of Appeal of Bucharest, challenging the ordinance and pending a court date to be able to raise the non-constitutionality exception in order for the matter to be referred to the Constitutional Court for a final decision. In addition, ACL has decided that the local council, the county council or the prefect would be taken to court for every local official who would change party, in order for him or her to lose their term.
The Ombudsman, Victor Ciorbea, said yesterday that he would give an answer in writing, presenting the adopted solution and his motivation regarding both OUG 55/2014 on the migration of local officials and the other addressed issues:–the education law or the Constanta Port. ‘This week and at the beginning of next week you will receive an answer to all the issues you have raised lately. We have been working a lot and still are. We first worked on the documentation, now we are working on the editing’, Ciorbea said, quoted by Mediafax. Asked what he thought about the headquarter of the Ombudsman being picketed, Ciorbea said he was not annoyed by the ACL protest, but added he hoped they would be discreet. ‘Of course, I assume the carollers are waiting there for me. I am glad they are there, I am not disturbed, my only request is that they should not make too much noise. I don’t know how they will behave today, it’s the first day, I hope they will be as discreet as possible. For the rest, they are welcome, it is not a problem (…)’ he said.

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